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    Moderator Note - deirdre
    I'm adding this link to the 'phenomenon' questioned in this thread, as this video doesn't have extremely loud music over the NASA commentators vocals

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tgrhyIBoNc

    I have seen a very young video about some strange "spheres", like water bubble (the reflection of the light look like water bubbles) outside the ISS sometimes they look like blinking lights.

    It is very hard to me to describe this phenomenon.

    You will find it in the video at 4:40 minutes.

    You can hear some astronauts talking about it.

    I have maked a screenshot of the "sphere" hovering at the solar ISS.JPG - collectors.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNJlhB56H7I
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    July 27, 2010 spacewalk
    heres video of the first object in that article.. havent found the original "washer" footage yet

    Source: https://youtu.be/rJNYIRHKgfY?t=43

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    If the debunking was about calling this a UFO, then Deirdre turned it into an IFO (identified floating object) or at least an AGAIFO (as good as identified floating object);)
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    The "blinking" effect would presumably result from the washer spinning on its axis, so it reflects light periodically. I've seen similar "UFO footage" from Shuttle missions which were the result of flattish ice crystals spinning and reflecting light.
  6. FlightMuj

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    Okay, what is this ice crystals thing reflecting the light etc. I am trying to ask what the floating things are which people say are air bubbles. I heard they are from the parts of ISS which cool it and the astronauts, but we can see them in most of the ISS feeds. What exactly are they?
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    You are going to need to be more specific, with examples.
  8. Mick West

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    Please don't post misleading mash-up footage with no context. Original NASA sourced videos only. And one thing at a time.

    There's lots of things potentially floating around during a spacewalk - but the most common one is ice particles. So please don't post anything unless you can demonstrate it's not an ice particle.
  9. FlightMuj

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    I cannot demonstrate, because I am not a conspirator that is why I need debunking of this.
  10. deirdre

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    do coolant leaks qualify as 'ice particles?' there was a spacewalk at one point to fix a worsening (since 2007) coolant leak, but even dust in the camera lights can look white too.

    @FlightMuj good rule of thumb, any vid (esp with silly music) that doesn't source it's footage is most likely total bunk.
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  11. Mick West

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    If nobody has demonstrate it's not an ice particle, then it's safe to assume it.
  12. Mick West

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    Yes, there's a variety of things that could freeze. Ammonia for one.
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    So coolant leaks etc are the main cause? Actually much of the videos have no link for the actual source this is why, but they did not edit the "bubbles" in the video and coolant leak is a thing so even the video from NASA would show the same thing and it does not matter that much in this scenario.
  14. Mick West

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    They are the most likely cause on a spacewalk repairing the cooling system. But on other times I think condensation from the airlock and space suites may be more likely.

    Astronaut Tom Jones says:

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  15. FlightMuj

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    Another claim debunked.
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  16. deirdre

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    it does matter if the video is titled "ISS hoax". It depends on what specific claim is being made, if "air bubbles can't exist in space" is the claim then yes, generic information explaining this is false (e. most likely ice crystals) is adequate.

    Perhaps that was the claim but your English is a bit unclear.

    In order to determine what the "stuff" is in each specific instance definitively, you would need to see the original footage. date etc.
  17. deirdre

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  18. Mick West

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    That's a recreation. It was probably much less dramatic. There's a bit of real footage in there though.
  19. deirdre

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    yea I was just thinking I should have mentioned that. figured it was pretty obvious.. the floating parts from Jones helmet is real.. more footage of the floating crystals at 24:50 here