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    Hi Liz, you need to post at least a summary or the main claim, not just a link; also it was in the wrong forum, but I've moved it now.

    Anyway, quite a nice collection of pictures of contrails over Switzerland, plus a rain analysis (collected from a jacuzzi cover).
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    "Collected from my Jacuzzi cover...." As I have been saying, chemtrails are first world problems.
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    I can't see that it actually says too much. That would be quite a high level of aluminium, but without knowing details of the provenance, meaningless, and as the poster is a friend of a chemtrail documentary maker, suspect.
    'Is the jacuzzi close to a roof or shelter with aluminium flashing?' is an obvious first question that comes to mind. In any analysis, sampling considerations are key to interpretation, beyond that all you can say is these are the results of a sample tested.
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    But nano-silver cures Ebola, so they wouldn't put it in their death-sprays.
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    They did check for silver, its the first item on the list.
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    Had to look that one up.
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    Heh-heh! You'd have thought if he's always telling people to test for silver, he'd have known Ag=Silver. Well it made me laugh like a drain.
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    Oh dear. Don't these people understand that if you want to sample rainwater, you have to sample RAINWATER, by collecting it as it falls, in a CLEAN container?

    You can't sample it after it has collected on a jacuzzi cover which has God knows what kind of dust on it! Soil contains huge amounts of aluminium, so the slightest bit of windblown soil dust on the jacuzzi cover will totally skew the readings!

    As for the claims about the skies over the Alps, I have photos from school skiing trips in the early 1990s showing large contrails in those blue Alpine skies. They are nothing new.
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    Any chance of scanning and posting those?
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    Not to mention the chemical contamination coming from the Jacuzzi water, assuming it's a working hot tub and not sitting idle.

    Here's a picture of the stuff I need to use to stabilize the water. I can't imagine what's in all that stuff. I'm sure it's safe though :eek:

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    Yes, you are going to get quite a build up of chemicals on the top. But the main components are going be dirt. You'll also get concentrated rainwater, as it evaporates quickly from a flat surface, so even if was clean, it's not really a meaningful number.

    So the test results are not showing anything unexpected.
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    Purely anecdotal...but I too have family photos from Zermatt in the mid 80s with persistent contrails over the Matterhorn.

    I know- pictures or it didn't happen. I will try to get them scanned.
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    Valais is in the middle of this lot somewhere
    So pictures like this from the OP are not unexpected given persistant contrail conditions.

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    Yes, a few miles East of Geneva. Here is the IFR Aeronautical Chart (High Altitude) showing the typical routes flown by the great deal of air traffic that is commonplace in Europe:

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    great info again, thx guys !