1. Trailspotter

    Trailspotter Senior Member

    Parallel contrail stripes near Washington, DC, can be seen on the GOES-16 images of the day.
    Here is a link to their time-lapse: http://col.st/4kIdw
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  2. igoddard

    igoddard Active Member

    Yes, very good observation and point. The flight corridor happened to be right along an edge of humidity, which I noticed at that time and you can even tell that in my photos. In the first two, the area to the right (NW) looked drier, and contrails there did more evaporating than persisting, and there were no natural-looking clouds there either. But further to the left (SE) they mostly expanded. That looks to comport exactly with the humidity map you show!
  3. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Best morning for contrails for a while here (Hampshire, UK). First one looking southeast, second looking northwest at the same time.

    IMG_9373.JPG IMG_9395.JPG

    Long contrail at 33,000ft, short one at 37,000ft:

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  4. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    A broken squiggly contrail, that pretty well matches the waves in the surrounding cloud layer. March 6 2018,1:25 pm PST over Bakersfield, CA. DSCF1299.JPG
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  5. Clouds Givemethewillies

    Clouds Givemethewillies Active Member

    Flying in line with the sun. KLM**, I think. Auto-adjusted colour for contrast. DSCF4865B. DSCF4863A.
    **Edit: CV660 Cargolux
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  6. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    A big loop this morning. Hard to fit it all in a photograph but to a casual observer it looked like "they're flying in circles".

    IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0779.PNG IMG_0781.PNG IMG_0785.JPG
  7. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    While hanging around the North entrance to Yellowstone, I saw this. No idea who or what...there was a fourth plane that was further out in front (you can just barely see the contrail)

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  8. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    They seem fairly well spaced. I suspect just regular air traffic in a lucky confluence.
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  9. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    S bend. As usual it's only the perspective that makes the turns look more dramatic than they are.


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  10. JesseCuster

    JesseCuster Active Member

    Contrails at dawn DSC_1353.
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  11. 20180520_181310. Contrail after a ski run north of Missoula Sunday
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  12. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Lots of distrails around recently. And especially today.


    IMG_2681.JPG IMG_2683.JPG
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  13. cloudspotter

    cloudspotter Senior Member

    Trail and shadow DSC_0332.JPG

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  14. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    been very traily today ah this RH at FL 34 could explain


    I couldn't even get in golf practice without the distraction of Kiwis going over to Perth or Adelaide

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  15. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    A pair of “Morse code” contrails this morning (the placement of the aerials was coincidental!)
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  16. Marin B

    Marin B Active Member

    A contrail outside my window caught my eye because the sky was otherwise very blue. It was CA987 flying Beijing to Los Angeles at 33,000 ft. I noticed another flight from China, CZ621, flying at 35,000 ft. on the same path just a few minutes behind CA987, but there was no contrail. I snapped the 1st picture when I spotted CZ621 out my window. Then just a couple of seconds later it started leaving a trail (2nd photo). Just thought it was interesting how the two planes were on the same path just a couple of thousand feet apart in elevation, with one leaving a trail and the other not.

    Inkedone trail_LI. two trails. PEK.PNG CAN.
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  17. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Was that today? This is a snapshot of the humidity at 250mb (roughly 34,000ft) at 1800 UTC (11:00am California time).


    The humidity is quite patchy, with drier air north of San Francisco and moister air to the south. The plane was heading south, from the drier air into the more humid air.

    It's reasonable to assume that the humidity was also patchy in the vertical direction, so the contrails would "switch on" in different places depending on the altitude.
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  18. Marin B

    Marin B Active Member

    Yes, today just after 11am. Thanks for the info!
    Within a couple of hours the sky switched from blue to a lot of cirrus blending with persistent contrails. Seems to be a common summer pattern - blue skies in a.m., cirrus in afternoon.
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  19. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    Similar conditions south of you above Bakersfield on Monday, everything above 35,000 ft. was leaving contrails, below 35,000 ft, extremely hard to even pick the planes out.

    SWA1427. SWA1427FR.

    This one flashed a reflection of sunlight, allowing me to pick him out. These two were just minutes apart, same make and model, basically the same location, just 2500 feet difference in altitude.
    SWA2401. SWA2401FR.

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  20. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member


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  21. Chew

    Chew Senior Member

    88F0BA72-CB3B-4571-831C-EF4BF3A2F52D. The World War II C-53 “D-Day Doll” flying overhead in Riverside CA this morning. They take it out for a spin every now and then. Planes from that era have a distinctive sound you just don’t hear from modern prop planes. Note it still has the white and black stripes they used to try to camouflage its chemtrail sprayers.
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  22. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Almost looks like skywriting, but they are just contrail fragments.




    Time from first to last photo is 23 minutes.
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  23. Keith Beachy

    Keith Beachy Active Member

    Invasion Stripes, used on D-Day to keep allied anti-aircraft from firing on out of the ordinary aircraft used during D-Day. Dad dropped on D-Day from an aircraft like that, spent time in a tree until the moon broke out; exposing he was 6 inches from the ground.
    Invasion Stripes, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_stripes
  24. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member


    A pair of parallel contrails at sunset last night. Both planes followed a very similar track a few minutes apart. The second one (left) was a couple of thousand feet higher (41000ft vs 39000ft) and the later part of its contrail dissipated.
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  25. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    August 11th, approx 8am. Nr Builth Wells, Wales
    DSC00087.JPG DSC00088.JPG DSC00089.JPG
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  26. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    This contrail was quite striking tonight, lit up by the sun while the lower clouds were already in shadow. Photos were taken about two minutes before official sunset.

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  27. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Contrail glowing pink just before sunrise this morning, with another plane passing by.

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  28. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    speaking of square edges in nature

  29. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    In nature, but an artificial cloud.
  30. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    Trip to Perth last weekend



    In the distance another plane trails over Esperance western Australia


    Hmm huh?? I cant seem to post a 10 second camera video?? guess the upload dont support vids.. anyhoo i was sitting in very back seat and could see condensation trail developing out my window. In the video you can see it forming in a picture you can not.. I back dated nullschool to find the conditions were pretty good at the time height & place of my observation.. Seeing developing contrails out a window at 800+ clicks not fully formed it moving away pretty darn fast

  31. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Like this more aged one I saw the other day. Not a great photo as it was snapped on the move.

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  32. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member

    Hi! I just joined (again) yesterday and am looking forward to looking carefully and slowly at all the sky photos that have been added over the years. But I can’t wait to share some of my own! I am sorry that due to several computer and phone carastrophes- many of my photos only exist as they were saved by Facebook when I shared them there.

    This dawn shot (4/27/12 Florence, Indiana) of a contrail making a colorful sundog with an impressve tail is one of my favorites and I was delighted to see in the old comments on my FB post- that I had sought out information about this and found Metabunk! ( I was set straight before setting foot in a rabbit-hole. Thank you for preserving my ability to enjoy the sky!)... Mick gave me an excellent explanation and took the time to do some overlays. I also discovered I’d forgotten that I had made an account just to ask that one question.

    I have looked through the posting guidelines and didn’t find direction about posting photos- thumbnails or full size?

    I have about 20 of my own contrail pics that I feel are pretty primo. What would be the smoothest way to share them? Add replies to other people’s photos of similar things? Start a thread? Dump a bunch in a single post?

    78D037E7-022B-4F6A-AFF1-0441364CA8CD. 00D6EA79-56C6-48F3-A369-59BA62405C62.
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  33. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Full size

    People just post the odd photo in this thread. If you have a related collection then you might want to start a new thread - particularly if you have questions about them. But this isn't really a photo hosting site, so I wouldn't encourage large collections of photos. Maybe just the best/most relevant, and then a link to an album if there's more than, say, ten.
  34. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member

    The panorama scan has warped the contrail to look even more dramatic than it already was- (a straight line going horizon to horizon and almost directly overhead) a lovely tightly textured altocumulus sheet in low afternoon light and contrail to distrail...
    Florence Indiana

  35. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member

    Either on their own would have been a treat- but to catch them crossing!!... a twisting diffuse contrail and a sharp fresh one leaving an intense shadow (and look near the junction- the shadow seems doubled- is that due to two veils of cloud layer there?) A3B34C90-817C-4DFE-87E2-8FDF23C88E0F.

    I used to do a lot of custom paint work and this contrail reminds me of striping tape... I want to run my finger along it and stick it down.
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  36. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member


    I am not sure if this was a distrail that had cleaved this sheet of stratocumulus coulds. I’m assuming it is.
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  37. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member

    These pictures of planes flying in line with the sun (coming and going) are two separate events.
    I was thrilled to see other photos of planes “flying on a street” posted already and am curious how pilots experience this- I wondered, when flying away from the sun, if the shadow is like a dark beam straight out in front- (do you see a glory split by your wings like a crosshairs?) or if the shadow is like the path of a knife through a cake- that we on the ground view from the bottom edge?- (is it like a brocken spectre With the halo at the tip of a shadowy projection?)
    Is the sun’s position merely coincidental or is it used in navigation? I would think modern flight paths don’t take the sun into account.
    7FF6A405-0A5A-429F-83A5-23736D8775EF. 2C333F20-E96B-434D-9640-44371E6D6FED.
  38. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member

    A neat contrail asterisk with a shadow too. I love the gathering of low clouds.
  39. Mechanik

    Mechanik New Member

    2C066294-F3E6-4A7D-8E1B-AB88C0DE1B2C. So many contrails, so little time. Roughly noon a few miles north of Los Angeles. The plane flying right to left fell into the shadow of two of the contrails as it passed under or through.