1. Trailspotter

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    Parallel contrail stripes near Washington, DC, can be seen on the GOES-16 images of the day.
    Here is a link to their time-lapse: http://col.st/4kIdw
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  2. igoddard

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    Yes, very good observation and point. The flight corridor happened to be right along an edge of humidity, which I noticed at that time and you can even tell that in my photos. In the first two, the area to the right (NW) looked drier, and contrails there did more evaporating than persisting, and there were no natural-looking clouds there either. But further to the left (SE) they mostly expanded. That looks to comport exactly with the humidity map you show!
  3. Trailblazer

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    Best morning for contrails for a while here (Hampshire, UK). First one looking southeast, second looking northwest at the same time.

    IMG_9373.JPG IMG_9395.JPG

    Long contrail at 33,000ft, short one at 37,000ft:

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