1. Clouds Givemethewillies

    Clouds Givemethewillies Active Member

    Short vapour gap.

    DSCF4775.JPG DSCF4779.JPG DSCF4780.JPG
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  2. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Flight SQ26. Looks like there was an Aer Lingus plane 8,000ft almost directly below it at the time.

  3. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    Noticed these 2 contrails yesterday here in "flyover" country...the older one really spreading laterally with the prevailing upper winds. The younger one happened to be a NASA flight from Palmdale, CA to Hamburg, Germany.

    Novcontrails. Novcontrails2. FLTRDR24.

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  4. cloudspotter

    cloudspotter Senior Member

    Long vapour gap


  5. Clouds Givemethewillies

    Clouds Givemethewillies Active Member

    Regular vapour gap, as they say over the pond. :)
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  6. Clouds Givemethewillies

    Clouds Givemethewillies Active Member

    I am afraid I was not paying much attention, and missed that. The Flight SQ26 trail stood out and half waked me up.
  7. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    That's the SOFIA Telescope. I'm close enough to Palmdale, that I see it every once in a while. SOPHIA9817.

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  8. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

    123 176.JPG
    A satanic bird? American Eagle?
    123 042.JPG
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  9. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Another "corkscrew shaped" contrail. Presumably an illusion due to the pendules being blown one way and then the other, rather than the whole trail actually being twisted.


    Nine minutes later:

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  10. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    A lot going on in this sky- multiple contrails criss-crossing but what really caught my eye was the Kelvin wave cloud...was so much cooler looking 5 minutes before I got my "camera"...(and in person- sorry for the crappy pic quality)


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  11. Clouds Givemethewillies

    Clouds Givemethewillies Active Member

    A couple of snaps from today. Air from the arctic?, and diffuse light from clouds below providing some crisp images DSCF4804a. DSCF4809a.
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  12. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    A nice long fall streak over Bakersfield, California. 3:40 pm, January 1. This was a 3 frame shot using the panorama setting. DSCF1050b.
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  13. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    A possible candidate. After having watched the direction of it's drift and time it took to deteriorate. AS3497 flying from Burbank to San Jose reached it's cruising altitude about the time it was alongside the I-5 sign just south of Wheeler Ridge, it maintained an altitude of 26,000 ft., it began it's descent just a minute or 2 after I stopped the playback to take the screen capture, just south of Blackwell's corner.

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  14. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    I contacted Meteorologis Miles Muzio of KBAK Channel 29 TV here in Bakersfield, ran my photo and the plane track by him. He provided me with a satellite loop of the fallstreak. The full loop can be viewed here: http://rammb-slider.cira.colostate.edu/?sat=goes-16&sec=full_disk&x=4190&y=4076&z=5&im=12&ts=1&st=20180101230038&et=20180102000038&speed=130&motion=loop&map=1&lat=0&p[0]=16&opacity[0]=1&hidden[0]=0&pause=20180102214539&slider=-1&hide_controls=0&mouse_draw=0&s=rammb-slider

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  15. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Am I looking at the right streak? It doesn't seem to match the flight path. Or is it the long trail to the right of the curved streak?
  16. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    How long does it take for a fallstreak to take shape? There's a third one that forms between the second and 3rd frame. FR24 showed AS3497 started it's descent at about 23:08 or 23:09. It shouldn't have been in the first frame, now that you mention it.
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  17. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

    The Sun was about 3 minutes from sunset and I got this photo. In the photo you can clearly see the shadow of the 3 birds and the contrail on the upper cloud layer (I do not remember seeing the shadow maybe because I was looking at another plane which was in the South and I just randomly snapped this picture without properly looking in the viewfinder), guess it should go in debunking of flat Earth.

    Recovery 252.
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  18. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    Bird shadows get a thumbs up. (vultures?)
  19. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

  20. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    this relates to https://www.metabunk.org/posts/216735/

    Singapore SQ297 bird back over my head 630 am 11/1/18 on its way to Christchurch New Zealand & this time i was able to show the RH at 250hpa was ideal for exhaust contrails.. Im hoping now to catch & show it above me but on day that does not support contrails.



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  21. cloudspotter

    cloudspotter Senior Member

    Aircraft flying vertically


    At a steady 34000 ft


    Passing overhead

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  22. Trailspotter

    Trailspotter Senior Member

    It's a bit odd that FR24 app on your mobile does not have different icons for different plane types.
  23. cloudspotter

    cloudspotter Senior Member

    Aircraft icon setting is on Generic rather than Realistic