1. Trailspotter

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    BBC has been telling us about the supermoon trilogy with the next two occasions being on the New Year Day and January 31st, 2018.
  2. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    4.7 miles.... closest claim yet
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  3. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

    Today's morning:

    After 3 minutes:





    After 1 minute:


    Last shot:

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  4. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    018.JPG 018.JPG Space X smoke with contrail
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  5. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    My camera took a crap on me. That was spectacular, a time in my life I won't forget.
  6. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    I was just watching the news when they had a breaking report showing the launch live. So I ran to my roof in the Miracle Mile area in LA and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Unfortunately the rocket was too far down range to see but it did leave the smoke trail. Looks like the 2nd stage separation made the big puff. The light on the left is just the moon.
  7. Steve

    Steve Active Member

  8. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

    This was beautiful...
  9. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

    The Sun had just set, and it was illuminating the plume.
  10. Leifer

    Leifer Senior Member

    I was on a plane leaving LA, CA....but too bad that I missed it by just 2 hours (early).
    This should get it's own topic....some people are claiming the launch was somehow not "legit".
    There were lots of initial fearful reactions, especially from those who were already suspicious about these things...
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  11. Steve

    Steve Active Member

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  12. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

    Now they are plotting to kill the people.
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  13. Leifer

    Leifer Senior Member

    One in 2014...

    another in 2009 , @ 0:57....
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  14. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    thing about being on the bottom of the planet is not many planes need to fly over your city at altitudes high enuff to leave a trail. This has changed past 10+- years with more flights going overhead of Melbourne. I awoke today to look out east and ? well so who was that bird? It turned out to be Singapore Christchurch New Zealand



    Sadly these flight to South Africa and New Zealand over South East coast OZ will predictable generate CT claims as the advent of regular flights & trails in air space thats not seen much contrails prior to my guess 2000 - 2005

    Just later same morning another east west bird & my guess off to Auckland these 2 flights will double New Zealand population :)

  15. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    ah ops i dropped this in the wrong thread mod is you pls
  16. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    Awesome sun dog this morning...outside temp -9f below (-22c)

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  17. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    so i get up early on a Sunday to catch SQ297 not leaving a trail because the RH @ 250Hpa is too low and the dang thing gone fly over Sydney not Melbourne

    anyhoo i got a nice sunrise

    thumbnail_WP_20180114_002 (1).
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  18. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    Funky clouds in Montana this afternoon...

    IMG_3882.JPG IMG_3880.JPG
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  19. FlightMuj

    FlightMuj Active Member

    Moon halo tonight:




    The plane was Emirates 777 heading to Dubai.
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  20. Marin B

    Marin B Active Member

    Would have been even cooler had the swirly illuminated (by sun dog?) cloud at the left side of the mountain had been at the top of it to give a volcano effect :)

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  21. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    On holiday on the CA coast this past week. Some interesting shots...especially the big funky shadow.

    90B5D437-40C1-456F-A211-D33B61232FB2. 25FEBC8B-45E3-42AD-AAD9-5731242B6B9B. B5792A47-465F-42B6-B8EB-9CC86EB7663D. 7F88AB08-C617-48A6-A168-D5C38D333CDD. E8B093B6-B7E3-446F-9B67-B126367F601D.
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  22. Marin B

    Marin B Active Member

    Love the turkey vulture shot. They must have been enjoying the sun between passing clouds.
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