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    image. Hi. I'm new to this site. My daughter took this picture of me at a place called the Tubs( 7 water falls) in Pa. It was about 5 years ago. It was taken with probably an iPhone 3G or 4. What ever the new model was that year. I don't know why part of my face is missing and you still can see my
    Collar and the trees where my face should be. I don't know if my arm is missing(can't remember if I had it behind my back) take note of my necklace it looks warped? my daughter was about 7 at the time. Im unaware if she did anything while taking the pic. I don't believe i even had an app to do something like this. Or if they have one now? Any input would be welcome. Not saying it's paranormal. But can a camera malfunction cause this? The only thing tragic about the location is that a few people passed away at the top where I was(falling from ledge) the rock I'm standing on has RIP carved in it a few times. I see where some of you are great at explaining photos. I'm hoping for that with this. I put in on my Facebook wall a few times over the years but nobody has had an explanation for me. I hope it's something simple lol. Thanks
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    It looks like either a rolling shutter artifact or a panorama stitching artifact. Either way it is caused by you moving while the photo is being taken probably you were just turning towards the photographer. There's there's a similar discontinuity in your leg.

    Do you have the original photo? You can email it to metabunk@gmail.com
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    Thanks. I sent you an email. Nice pick up on the leg. I never seen that.