1. Leifer

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    I thought of starting a post about:
    Parents who Teach Bunk to their Young Children.

    But maybe it belongs here (?)
    ....aka generationally passed bunk...or the PC label....."unique ideas".

    We've all seen it....in our own family circles, in personal conversation, even at demonstration rallies, and on youtube, etc....kids speaking and parroting their parents' awkward ideas. But I guess rather than judge, let's call them "unique ideas" of the world.

    I want to be gentle about this subject, because criticizing how a parent raises a child is a very touchy subject.
    But in one way or another, it may have happened to many of us.
    When I was a child, my mother told me that on hot California days, the ice would leak out of our juice glasses, and form water stains on the furniture.
    Later I learned what condensation was. I knew she was wrong, but I still loved my mother, regardless.

    The most common are religious beliefs, which can be strong influences on children.....possibly lasting a lifetime especially if the overall cultural surroundings support the ongoing belief(s).

    I'm trying not to make this into a sophomoric college essay, so, I'll cut to my abrupt adult opinion....

    When bizarre unrealistic ideas are embraced by the parent, and then expected to become part of a child's lexicon and understanding....I get perplexed, and frankly... upset.
    We are at the time, where mothers and fathers are old enough to be in the "youtube generation"....and their children even more entrenched into on-line ideas.
    I'm sure some people here will say, "the kids have more sense of what's real or fake on the internet, than their parents ever will". I hope that's the case....although, the family bond and ideals may remain strong, especially among the younger, pre-internet-user children. Before they get internet freedom, it's their parents that shape their beliefs.

    (this goes on and on, but wait until you hear her daughter speak the first time @ 03:00 minutes.)

    Nitpicking about a tiny idea....,
    The Mayans were a 3000 years-long civilization, so......there's some years missing.
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  2. Gary Cook

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    I know this is specifically about family but for me it was school that was worse for trying to convince me that bunk was true. The prime example that sticks in my head is they said there are 3 states of matter but I was studying A-level and GCSE at the same time as a kid and they were both telling me different things. For example, they were telling me in GCSE that there are 3 states of matter and in A-level telling me there was 4.

    Plus, being a state institution it would always have bias for the state, especially the British state.

    Any bunk my parents told me was just in support of the same
  3. Efftup

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    that;s what they call "lies to children" Where they try and explain something with a wrong explanation cos they reckon you wouldn't understand the REAL answer. It;s like in chemistry when in the first or second year they told you atoms were like miniature solar systems and then by the 5th year they told you "actually that' not REALLY true " it's not so much an orbit, more a fuzzy blob of potentiality of where the electron MIGHT be at any one time .

    This must be how the Scientologists getaway with the same sort of thing
  4. Bfahome

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    My high school chemistry teacher would invoke this directly. When she was introducing new concepts she'd often say "I'm going to lie to you about this" to warn us that we'd first be getting the simplified, not-quite-correct explanation for things, and then later in the course we'd be filled in on what was initially glazed over.