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    This was posted on a local chemtrail site (also specilising in NWO issues - http://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/)

    "Photos Of Geo-engineering Over Kaikoura In January
    Posted on 18/01/2011 by Clare Swinney
    Thank-you to Rose in Kaikoura for sending the link to these photos she took over January, 2011. They show a wide range of geo-engineering-related formations – including, aerosols, ripples and the bright oranges the aerosols become as the sun sets. http://chemtrailsoverkaikoura.ning.com/photo/photo/slideshow?albumId=4744723:Album:10615"

    I posted a comment to eth photos saying that they were just ordinary clouds illuminated by the setting sun through diffusion and rayleigh scattering -and was immediately banned and the comment removed.

    I think we all know the mindest of the chemtrail hoax believers - and it is just getting worse.
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    It's quite amazing to see just how twisted some people's perceptions can become when everything is suspicious. It reminds me of the rainbow sprinkler lady.

    Clearly in any society there's going to be a spectrum of rationality, with reasonable scientific skeptics at one end, and the angry, irrational, delusional reactionaries at the other.

    Everyone falls somewhere along the spectrum, and in some areas more than others. I'm sure I'm deluded (or at least very mistaken) about several things. But many people seem VERY deluded.

    The problem I've found is that it's impossible to bring that aspect of it into the conversation. People become incredibly defensive if there's even a hint of that from your side of the argument. Even if you are not talking about them, and you just say "some chemtrail believers are crazy", then it sours the whole conversation. Even something as simple as linking, without comment, to a deluded person's web site can be taken as a personal insult to a less deluded person who holds some of the same beliefs.

    Just something to be aware of when debunking. Pointing and laughing, no matter how justified, might not always help.
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    Yeah - my post wasn't a "point and laugh" one though - I said something along the lines that I thought the clouds were just illuminated by a sunset and were quite pretty, and I'd seen many like them at Christchurch (100 or so miles south of Kaikoura), especially when the north west wind blows there and creates a spectacular horizon-spaonning lenticular pattern called the nor' west arch.
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