1. katsung47

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    Newtown school shooting, continuationof Colorado theatre shooting?

    All the story came from the media and authority. So far no witness' fieldreport. It is just like "Operation Geronimo". They let"seal" gave different stories which often conflicts each other. Itlooked like they try to kill all witness as possible as they can. Include NancyLanza who might prove something different from official story.

    Have you noticed that Adam Lanza wore a mask?
    Do you know that James Holmes wore gas mask in Colorado theatre shooting?

    Nobody could recognize who actually did the shooting.

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    Another coincidence is that 2 Mass Shootings fromcolorado and connecticut Connected To the Libor Scandal:

    Libor scandal is a profitable business. US makes a lot of money(fine) from it. That's why two witness' sons were both involved in mass shootings.That's a blackmail.

    UBS hit by $1.5bn fine over Libor case
    Published: 19 December, 2012,
    Switzerland's largest bank UBS has agreed to pay $ 1.53 billion in fines toUS, Swiss and British financial regulators in order to settle investigationsinto the Libor interest rate manipulation.


    Barclays was fined £290m after an investigation into claims that severalbanks manipulated the Libor rate at which they lend to each other. ChancellorGeorge Osborne, meanwhile, raised the possibility of criminal charges againstguilty bankers.

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    I guess they identified him by taking the mask off.
  4. Mick West

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    katsung47, please provide evidence that Lanza and Holmes were going to testify at LIBOR. Because as far as I know that's just a made up story.
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    Is the Erin Post video made up, Mick?
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    You mean this at 0:29:

    No. It's real. What's made up is the idea that when she's about to say "some ..." and them is searching for a word to describe the flashes of gunfire, she's somehow repeating lines. Frankly it's idiotic.
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  8. Mick West

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    Unregistered, if you'd like to participate here, then please A) be polite (meaning don't insult people, call them shills, or misspell their names), and B) don't just ask "what do you know about .... ".

    This site is about examining proposed evidence to see how we'll it matches facts. So if you've got some evidence, then lay out the evidence, and explain why you think it's genuine and significant.
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    You know I am not investigator and I don't have the power of the Feds. So you are deliberately to harass (for the Feds?) Anyhow, those were information from internet. The rul were showed, you can track it if you want. Just imagine who has the motive and resource to let out such kind of information? Even it was not true, they still would influence the witness of Libor case. See, we could do same thing on your son. The goal reached.

    The purpose of two massacre is to wage a gun ban. But when they chose theplot sites and particpants, they framed two families which relate to the Liborscandal. Holmes family and Lanza family have no motive to leak the message thattheir sons involved in the case. No other but the Feds would release suchinformation.
    1. The two shootings aim at gun control, especially the Sandy Hook schoolshooting. Which you can see from the eagerness of Biden and Obama to push for anew gun ban. It may indicate that in coming future, there would be a createdterror attack on American. They try to prevent the resistance from peoplebecause most people lost trust on this government after 911.
    2. While to take over the gun rights from people, the Feds never forget tomake money on these plots. So the information of two alleged shooters connectto Libor scandal were released. It was not necessarily targetted only on twofamilies. It could be used on other witnesses too.
    Power and money, are the target of the perpetrators in this two shootings.
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    Katsung, from my research on the subject no connection has been made to LIBOR in either of the families of the shooters. Where are you getting that from...?

    Regarding a gun ban, it's pretty clear that mass shootings don't affect gun control policy much: http://www.propublica.org/article/mass-shootings-do-little-to-change-state-gun-laws

    After Newtown, yes, some states have rushed some legislation to ban certain types of guns(namely NY), but do you really think that's going to happen in the gun states? I really don't see any new federal-level gun control being passed outside of more stringent background checks(closing the gun show loophole mainly) and information sharing between agencies on gun owners.
  11. Jay Reynolds

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    This one sounds familiar. Formery known as kathaksung circa 2005. CT paranoid. Dead-ender.
  12. Pete Tar

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    Did you really just imply that because of the simple observation that there is absolutely NO evidence for any LIBOR connection and every indication that it was simply made up, that you are being persecuted by the Feds?!
  13. katsung47

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    I gave the url there. If you are not deliberately pick holes, track with url. With your manner of demand, may I say samething, "Mick, please provide evidence that 's just a made up story". That's not a way of discussion. Is this a court?
  14. Mick West

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    If you claim some story is true, then you have to provide evidence that it is true, otherwise you can you claim anything, and shout "you can't prove it isn't true". Since there's no evidence that either man was going to testify about LIBOR, then there's no reason to believe it is true.
  15. SR1419

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  16. Cairenn

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    This is a 'court' of a sort. If you can't provide solid evidence, then why shouldn't we call 'BUNK' on it?

    Lanza's father worked for GE financial but there is no record that he was going to testify or that he was even in a position to know anything. He was a low level employee. There is NO evidence that Robert Holmes was going to testify either. Thousands of folks work for financial companies.

    This entire story came from Sorcha Faal. Sorcha is well known for creating stories with no basis in ANY fact. He just LOVES to set folks off.
  17. katsung47

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    "If you claim some story is true" - again you created this. You force me go back to check the comment. I can't find I had claim the "true" here.
  18. Mick West

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    You said:

    So you are claiming that they are connected. So what is your evidence that they are connected? The link you provided does not provide any evidence, so why are you making the claim?
  19. katsung47

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    Good question. I didn't say the two informations were truth. If that puzzled you, please read the following.

    It's the truth that in internet, many sites said the two families (Holmes and Lanzq whose member commintted shootings) related to Libor scandal that the shooter's father would testify in court. Someone argue there is no evidence they involved in that case. I agree. But even that's not the case, the perpetrator who create these news had got their goal - to intimidate the witness of the Libor scandal that "we could do same thing on your sons". Now go back to "Libor scadal is a profitable business" - that's the truth.

    So the real point is to find who has the motive to create stories that James Holmes' and Adam Lanza"s father related to Libor scandal and spread it on Internet? And who is benefitted by those stories? They might also involved in these shooting cases.
  20. Mick West

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    All you are doing there is engaging in groundless wild speculation with zero evidence.

    If you are not going to actually present any claim backed by evidence, then I'm going to assume you are trolling, and ban you.
  21. Pete Tar

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    Conspiracy theorists, to create sensation, controversy, and internet traffic. They are 'involved in these shooting cases' because they take the event and create a suggestive and sinister insinuation around it that takes off with the speed and power of rumour - mission accomplished.

    Sorcha Faal was the source. I don't know who was the source for the original Aurora/Libor connection.
  22. Cairenn

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    The fact that 'many sites' say something is not indicative of it's truth.

    Early in the BP oil spill, a story showed up, in many places, including being mentioned on 'Good Morning America', that said that "most of the Exxon Valdez workers were dead or dying' from their exposure to oil and chemicals. A friend asked me to see what I could find out about it. Her uncle was one of those workers and he was in good health, as far as him and his wife knew. However, they did want to know if he needed to be checked for something or if his doctor needed to be on the alert for something.

    I went looking, I found a lot of mentions, but I sourced each, and what I found was this sort of link B quoted (=>) A C=> B D => C E=> B and D and on and on. Every site that repeated it, linked back to ONE site. When I tracked down where she got it, I found a totally uncreditable source, an unpublished telephone survey of less than 80 workers, taken over 15 years after it. What I did find was that there was no master list, so no real follow up was possible.

    It was hoax, created by an author to help her sell her books, it seems.
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  23. katsung47

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    That's your true face, when you can't win in debate, you abuse your priviledge. You have refered pictures of Parker's family, that's no different from I refering information from Internet. All were from internet source. And what is your result? Could you confirm it is Emily, Madeline or a third girl? If I said your evidence is zero because the girls in picture having no legs, would you ban yourself?
  24. Cairenn

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    Can you show us positive proof of a link between the fathers to the LIBOR scandal? Other than those that lead back to the Sorcha Faal story?

    The girls have legs in that picture, it has been pointed out multiple times. On one of them it is easy to see that she is straddling her dad's leg. One can see her white tights showing.

    It was posted that ambulances 'stage' before responding to a shooting, and you came back and said that doesn't make sense, even when it is what is done.

    When something has been proved it is time to move on to something else
  25. Mick West

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    Sorry Cairenn, I'm afraid I've banned Katsun for two months. It seems evident from his continued pushing of things like "no legs", that he's not really amenable to reason.

    Katsun, aka Kathaksung, has been essentially trolling forums for years. Even if he actually believes in what he says, it's not really helping anyone.
  26. Cairenn

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    I have problems with folks that try to use any thing from Sorcha Faal to base a belief on. Even reading 'it's' profile, would make a reasoning person ignore it.

    I am sure he be back after 2 months with this on something else.
  27. JRBids

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    I'm finding it really hard to locate the article I found previously which said Peter Lanza was not scheduled to testify regarding Libor. The problem is there are so many hits from conspiracy websites connecting him, you can't find the one that doesn't. While this is not a mainstream site, I think the fact that it says he wasn't scheduled is telling:


    It seems the alternative media has been caught in purveying disinformation concerning the recent shootings in Connecticut, the father of one of the shooters, Peter Lanza and the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) scandal. In fact, research proves that Lanza has no ties to the LIBOR debacle, nor is there documentative evidence that Lanza is scheduled to testify at an up-coming hearing regarding the technocratic scheme.
    One alternative media source claims that: “Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal. In what could only be described an amazing coincidence, the father of Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes, Robert Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO.”
    No citation links are provided to corroborate this assertion – simply the illusory connection is made which seems to be enough to shift an entire social meme and cause distraction from the actual factual evidence emerging about the shooting; as well as the implications of this event with regard to the 2nd Amendment.

  28. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    I did a little digging on this and found this

    It wasn’t true: no such hearing was ever scheduled to take place, nor is there even an obvious connection between FICO and the Libor scandal, which involved a number of high-profile banks misreporting interest rates on transactions.

    This rumor is 100% false,” a Senate Banking Committee aide, who asked not to be named, told TPM by email. “The Senate Banking Committee does not have any LIBOR hearings currently scheduled, and has never considered either of these men as potential witnesses.”


    This is the start of the hoax, coming from Sorcha Faal

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  29. phyrefly

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    At Yahoo Groups: preventionbetterthancure, we have linked two Shchekochikhins. One of them, Yuri Shchekochikhin, worked for Novaya Gazeta and was investigating the Tri Kita operation that led to New York City. He was supposedly poisoned before a scheduled visit to the U.S. with regard to the case. The other is Dmitry Shchekochikhin. He lived in James Holmes's apartment building. Since Y. Shchekochikhin was also investigating the 1999 Russian apartment bombings, we also note that another journalist, Paul Klebnikov, traced a massive shipment of aluminum to the U.S.(se his Godfather of the Kremlin). That trail stops at the California accounting firm of Ernst and Jones, also Adam Lanza's brother's Connecticut employer. There is the possible forgery of the Bat Creek Stone by a former resident of Sandy Hook, and most are not clued-up about what a Louise of Savoy day is.
  30. Mick West

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    What's the link, other them having the same surname?

    What exactly is your post about?
  31. katsung47

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    That's convenient way to silence the opponent when you lose in a debate.

    Sandy Hook was for "gun ban" law.
  32. Mick West

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    Are you silenced? No, it was just to give you time to marshall your evidence.
  33. Pete Tar

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    What gun's were banned?
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  34. jvnk08

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    Oh yeah? Please point out those laws. It's April now(that quote says "by January"), only a few states have passed gun legislation in the wake of Sandy Hook.
  35. Oxymoron

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    I would like to know if it was you who predicted such an event back in 2010 and if so why that has been removed and on what basis you predicted it and if you have made any other predictions which have come to pass?
  36. JRBids

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    And yet, I still have my guns, and a lot of people I know still have theirs.
  37. lotek

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    All of the following has been come to by academic humanity as a whole over the last two thousand years. please be aware of it in your transgressions of reality.




    Now please, make your case, as you have yet to convey anything but ad hominem and a host of logical fallacy.
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