1. Leifer

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    That rocket tests are NASA's tool to change the weather.

    Some are claiming this was used to recently flood the Mississippi river, from this facility...
    Silly thing is....the Mississippi flows north to south (chuckles).

    The accusers are really stretching for whatever they might call evidence.

    Even though these tests are nothing new, they have been recently embraced by the chemtrail, weather mod, and youtube community.......
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  2. Leifer

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  3. Mick West

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    Another video description for the TMC-65 says:

    Here's a video of it being used in decontamination mode, as TMS-65 (which is the correct name, likely the C/S change was due to cyrillic alphabet, Cyrillic C = Western S)

    Earlier versions of the video in Polish suggest that a smoke generator like this was used to assassinate Polish president Lech Kaczyński, with in a complex plot that ultimately forced his plane to crash.

    In other words this video was originally used by one conspiracy theory, and then co-opted by a totally different one.

    Google confirms the connection.

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  4. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The questions are: how did it get into the chemtrail pantheon? Was it deliberate? What's the timeline?

    Theres the original video, uploaded Oct 28, 2010

    It showed up in the original form on GLP, Jan 1, 2011

    Then again, still linking to the original:

    Then there's this, uploaded Jan 25th, 2011

    The video is watermarked CC.MMXI, and titled with "Blue Light Medias" and ":Goldilocks;Zone:Distribution:2011"

    There's an earlier video, mentioned on Jan 20th, 2010, titled "Weather Wars TMC-65", and "WTF! illegal Military eXtreme Weather Wars TMC-65", but that was removed. It was posted by ExoMatrix, but that account was suspended by YouTube.

    It's very interesting how these things develop. How much of it is deliberate spreading of bunk? How much is simply gullible people, and people who want to believe?
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  5. Leifer

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    From my observations, it seems there are certain people who will attempt to post something they deem "worthy", on as many sites, forums, blogs, etc., as they can or places they know-of.
    Now, what "seems worthy" to them, is a varied guess on our part. But there is a wide girth of gullibility, especially when certain minds are only open on one side...the side of constant suspicion.

    You are correct. I noticed that some videos have been there for nearly a year.
    But once it firmly enters the gears of internet bunk, it festers, and rather quickly.
  6. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Guest

    A chemtrail believer over at the KATC new comments directed me to yet aother video of this.
    They are calling it the "Taurus Molecular Cloud" machine, nevermind that this is the name of a molecular cloud in the constellation Taurus. I think somebody just googled TMC and grabbed this out of 'thin air', oops I make a little joke there!


    It reminds me of 2000, when some anonymous prankster e-mailed Clifford Carnicom a bogus story from an anonymous "airline manager" who proceeded to direct them on a wild goose chase for 'evidence' about "Operation Cloverleaf".

    Now, why on earth would a real whistleblower write an email and give no real information that could be used?
    A real whisleblower wouldn't have to give any of the assorted details about conversations, what position he held, all he would have to do was to give a few tail numbers, a few names of people in charge, anything that could be of some real use! Instead all I heard for years was "Operaion Cloverleaf" ad infinitum,never any real details.

    Now, A.C Griffith, the original author of the "barium is in chemrails" myth has been saying he has "inside information" about "Operation Cloverleaf" which never leads back to a unique person or airplane either, but is just another rabbit hole for folks to wander down into. There was eve this one that claims he sent Carnicom te email that started it all:

    I've watched many of these gambits or whatever you want to call them over the years. One in 2003 I did track down was the "Deep Shield" hoax which led to a unique individual who I was able to catch red-handed when some of the stuff he posted using an alias he also copy/pasted elsewhere under his own name, and made the same unscientific mistakes on each while claiming to be a scientist!

    What I did was to copy/paste some of what the "source" said, and eventually found it word-for word as being copy/pasted from a website.
    original "Deep Shield" hoax:

    This was copied from an encyclopedia:
    When confronted, David G. Stewart admitted he had written it himself, but tried to save face by claiming he had done so because he was not allowed by his informant to record anything.

    Later he continued by saying his source had committed suicide.

    He finally made a prediction about an apocalypse coming in 2005.
    Time has debunked that one!

    Still, there were the science mistakes which if his source was genuine would't have been present. Pay close attention to detail, most of these hoaxers slip up, and pay close attention to peculiar phrasing, misspellings, and you mght be able to 'out' one of them.
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  7. abicat

    abicat New Member

    Hi Mick. Hope it is ok to ask about this topic. I have just come across another reposting of this same "TMC-65" video on Youtube, uploaded 6/9/15. I think the title is in german possibly.

    "Taurus Molecular Clouds 65 - TMC 65 - Wettermanipulation - künstliche Wolke"

    Source: https://youtu.be/gN4kZEz4-x4

    I saw somebody had posted the link on a chemtrails facebook site where they are commenting on their worries about cloud iridescence, and think this explains it. It seems this still has "legs". The only info I can see about the TMC-65 (that isn't CT related) is the description of the original video on Youtube. Is it a kind of Heath Robinson affair that has been put together, and is not actually manufactured? I don't feel I can comment on it without knowing what it is.

    Please find screenshot of the original post where the link appeared below. I was encouraged to sign up to the site by a friend who despairs that I won't be persuaded of the "truth". :)

    Picture 3.
  8. jonnyH

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  9. abicat

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    Awesome :) Thanks so much. That makes sense. The smoke looks just the same in your photo.
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  10. Trailblazer

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    The ТМС (or TMS in English) in ТМС-65 stands for "тепловой машины специальной" (teplovoy mashiny spetsial'noy), which is Russian for "special heat engine". As you say, Taurus Molecular Cloud is just one of the first hits you get for Googling TMC (especially if you also search for "cloud"). It's a totally unrelated astronomical feature.
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