1. MikeC

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    An internal memo regarding the nature of the reply to an Official Information Act request (NZ equivalent of US FOI) was accidentally released to a person making a request regarding "chemtrails" (etc)

    without a trace of irony Northland Chemtrail watch have taken it as proof that the government is covering "it" up:


    I mean.......what more could you possibly need as evidence of a coverup!!
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  2. Lisa P

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    That is a great response.

    When I used to write to government officials in Australia (in 2014) they would always say 'Not that we are aware of' so I took that to mean 'it is most probably happening'! However if they gave a response like that I think I would have stopped annoying them a little earlier than I did.
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  3. MikeC

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  4. Auldy

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    Wow.. just... gosh.
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  5. MikeG

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    Yow. The "classified WHO report" he mentions comes from none other than Dane Wigington in the footnote. The letter does have that aura of authority though. Extra points for style. ;)
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  6. derwoodii

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    he very specific, says his intel can be verified... painted into a corner


  7. Lisa P

    Lisa P Active Member

    There will be inquisitive people that will find this thread and read it and it won't really help them to see what is actually going on.
    I know it is a laborious task to continually, gently provide the facts.

    My understanding is it is not because of that response in the OP but all the other responses before that have been misunderstood that they came to the conclusion the government is lying. Malcolm Scott was only supposed to receive #13. The low risk they refer to is security I imagine but can't be certain yet.
    pg1. pg2.

    I have only read bits here and there another instance of misunderstanding is the use of the word 'aerosol'.
    I seriously don't have the time to really delve into this but there is quiet a bit of misunderstanding that needs to be corrected.

    Finding a car to buy for my daughter who is just about to have a baby is more important at this time. I also don't have time to check my work so hope I am on the right track.
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