1. JesseCuster

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    This topic came up for discussion in another forum I'm a member. Some guy in Holland filmed a "lens shaped" blue UFO from his home in the Netherlands. The video is in Dutch so I can't translate it but a YouTube commenter offers a translation :

    I'll say that the jerky motions seen in the video are clearly caused by not having a perfectly steady hand holding the camera exaggerated by the level of zoom and not because the UFO is actually making sudden fast movements in the sky.

    Anyone have an idea of what the object might actually be? Someone has suggested it's possibly a kite.

    [UPDATE:] It's this kite!
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  2. Mick West

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    Kite seems like a very reasonable explanation:

    I don't see it moving at all in the video. But kites can move.
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  5. JesseCuster

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  6. Mick West

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    This guy does kite aerial photography in that location:

    KAP uses large kites that are pretty stable, and hence could account for something like this. The linked page is a few years old, but obviously it's a good KAP location.
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  7. NoParty

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    Hmmm...the visual says "Most likely a kite."

    But the audio (music) says "We're all gonna die!!"
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  8. jonnyH

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  9. jonnyH

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    I think its a rokkaku in profile rather than a delta. Better lifting power and stability for KAP and bears more than a passing resemblance to the UFO from the right angle. The screen shot attached is taken from this footage of a rokkaku battle.


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  10. jonnyH

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    I asked Hans if he was the UFO, his response is now in the comments on flickr:



    The second link in the response takes you to a picture of the large blue rokkaku that Hans uses and this article is linked on his facebook:


    ranslation of the article:

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  11. Mick West

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    Nice. That wraps that one up :)
  12. JesseCuster

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    Excellent detective work guys. I'm impressed.
  13. Dick Holman

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    Nice work jonnyH. Unfortunately, your link is broken, it comes back with a 404 error.

    (I've spaced the URL so it will not auto-load here)
  14. Landru

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    The post you're responding to is from April. It is reasonable to expect it to be broken if it is bunk.
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  15. jonnyH

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  16. Dick Holman

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    Thanks for that.