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    NASA is launching five rockets in five seconds on the east coast this month in order to study the upper atmosphere jet stream:

    I may be able to see the launch within a minute or two, depending on whether I'm in VA or MD at the time:

    I expected more outrage or panic here:

    A little here:
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    I think that's five in five minutes, not seconds :), and it looks like it will be tomorrow?
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    Thanks for catching that mistake!

    The launches were postponed until tomorrow morning. I'm hoping it gets pushed still further to the weekend, when I could drive and be relatively close to watch it. I'm pretty sure I saw radio dishes for the Wallops facility on the drive to Chincoteague Island last year. From the looks of things, that island would put me almost under the flight path.
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    Today, there was a little senstation...

    Real "Chemtrails" in Space - made by NASA

    On the early morning, the ATREX-mission was accomplished

    two of the best pictures:


    there is a short articel on bad astronomy by Phil plait:


    And i´ve written 2 articels, one for today:

    ... and one one week ago, where i tried to show the dimensions of the sky, wich believers of the chemtrail-theory mostly ignore.

    unfortunality, it´s in german ;-)
    Just copy the link to the clipboard and search for it via google, then you can press the "translate"-Button ;-)
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    Another image:

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