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    I wanted to write a review on Amazon, but they didn’t let me (haven’t spend min. 50$ on Amazon during the past 12 months). So I used my blog: https://hoaxeye.com/2018/12/09/escaping-the-rabbit-hole-by-mick-west/ (there’s no ads or tracking & Mick gave me a permission to use the book cover picture).

    While reading the book, I realized my own rabbit hole: JFK assassination. When I was younger, I was convinced that the assassination was carried out by a group of people. Oliver Stone JFK movie played a role, but more importantly, I visited Dallas and the scene of the assassination in late 1990s during a business trip. A local person took me there and shared his views:
    1. There’s a big tree near the Texas School Book Depository blocking the line of sight
    2. The distance from the book depository to Kennedy’s car was just too long. No way Oswald could have hit a moving target.
    That stuck. I was (almost quietly) in this rabbit hole for many years. I got out after seeing some new documentaries and reading official reports. It wasn’t anything dramatic, but now I realize how easy it is to get suck into a rabbit hole.
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    This struck a chord with me as I recall going there in about 1990 and coming to the opposite conclusion: that the tree had grown in 30 years and that the distance was much less than it appeared on film.

    My point is that the observers, you and I, arrived in Dallas with preconceived notions of the event and our minds adjusted our perceptions of the tree and distance to fit our view of the world. I enjoy this site for working to separate the subjective from the objective; to take out observation bias and point out the facts.
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    I wasn’t obviously observing much in late 1990s. Just listening to a local person who shared (and enforced) my beliefs. I should have known better (says the older me :)
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    Here's a recreation of Oswald's view done soon after the events.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpAjEPOxjmc

    There's a huge amount of information like this available. With most people down a rabbit hole, the main part of the challenge is figuring out what they are missing, and getting that information to them.
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