1. Leifer

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    You also can get (find) "glitter" from the clothing washer and dryers.
    We opened Christmas presents and cards that had small glitter on them, and now a month later, I'm finding glitter in/on my "clean" clothes.
  2. Hevach

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    When he was first walking, my son destroyed two of those cheap Walmart styrofoam-and-glitter Christmas ornaments.

    Not only was that glitter everywhere for months, we moved and are still finding red and green glitter everywhere more than a year later (and those glitter ornaments were banished in favor of some slightly less cheap but still unbreakable plastic jobs).

    It sticks even better when wet than dry, so a shower or bath won't get rid of it on you. It's incredibly prone to picking up static charge so it'll stick to almost anything for days. These two traits combined means it'll often go through the washer and dryer and come out still on your clothes. It's tiny and escapes notice until you see it, and then it traps your eye and you can never unsee it until you get rid of it, but it seems to actively evade any attempts to isolate and remove it, and there's just always more where it came from.

    Glitter is herpes. Once it's in your life, you will never, ever be rid of it. If the previous owner of your house had glitter, it's still in your house. If you're in an apartment and somebody in the building had glitter, you have it. You will always have it. It's already everywhere and there's nothing you can do about it except try not to go insane getting rid of it.

    I'm only about 50/50 on that last bit.
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  3. Mauro

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    Sorry, just a small correction. Sebum is not the clear ooze around a wound, that would be serum (or better, serous fluid). Sebum is a greasy substance secreted by sebaceous glands, which are located in the hair follicles. It forms a (protective, I guess) coating on the skin, so no wonder you can find it together with skin flakes. Should a hair follicle become clogged for some reason the sebum will accumulate inside, forming a comedo.
  4. Mick West

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    Thanks, I've fixed that in the OP. Both serum and sebum are associated the Morgellons. The serum from wounds (sometimes self inflicted, like with neurotic excoriations, scratching) traps fibers - and as it forms scabs sometimes people think the fibers are "under the skin".
    Sebum is also a bit sticky, and bits of sebum get mistaken for parasites - particularly sebum plugs. Like