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    A much shared image on Facebook claims to show a comparison between the revitalization of Hiroshima after the atomic bombing of 1945, and the decline of Detroit since 1945.

    However, it's not at all hard to find recent photos of Detroit that very closely resemble the "Hiroshima" photo, for example. http://www.aerialpics.com/E/nightskyline.html


    Of course this does not mean that Detroit does not have significant problems with urban blight, nor does it say the Democrat administration is blameless in regard to this. However it does mean that the photo comparison is very misleading.

    But what are the photos actually showing? For a start, the 2010 "Hiroshima" photo is actually Yokohama, near Tokyo. It's 400 miles from Hiroshima.

    Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/winstontan/16100145139

    The Detroit 1945 photo is of Navin Field (later known as Tiger Stadium) in 1935, not 1945. [​IMG]
    Source: http://www.hourdetroit.com/core/pag...s-of-the-Detroit-Tigers-1920-1950/&mode=print

    Tiger stadium was actually demolished in 2009, so we can't do a direct comparison, the area now looks like this:

    But a much better comparison would be the actual Detroit baseball stadium, Comerica Park, which seems to be doing just as well as in the 1935 image:

    Source: IFG

    The 2010 photo of Detroit is actually 2013, and it shows the Packard Automotive Plant, on the East Side of Detroit:
    Source: Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

    That site is currently being cleaned up for redevelopment, part of a gradual revitalization of the Detroit area:


    Coincidentally, in the upper right of the actual Hiroshima 1945 photo:[​IMG]

    There is now a demolished baseball stadium, the Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, which was demolished in 2012, almost exactly the same as Detroit.


    If we are to take the same approach as the misleading meme, the area in Hiroshima now looks like this:
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    A methodology note: The images in the meme are small and have been squished vertically. So to do a reverse image search you need to screen capture a cropped region and then stretch it. There are various ways of doing this. I use Monosnap for OSX, which lets you crop out a region, and then stretch it, and finally drag right into Google Images.

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  4. How could the fate of a city which exports all over the world be attributed solely to it's government. If anything the willingness to let cities rise and fall without undue government intervention is the part of capitalism which makes the most sense. New orleans and the Army corp of Engineers would be a better example of a city damaged by government programs.
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    Because Democrats are the Handout Kings. Handouts make people lazy and attracts more 'undesirables' who want free stuff too. Too many undesirables in an area causes slums and decay and debt.

    I think that's the thinking anyway.

    edit: oh and businesses move away because the taxes are too high. They can find cheaper places to set up shop.
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    This was the case in Michigan at several points, but it falls to the state. Detroit could basically free ride an industry, but that only goes so far since only part of the property taxes are controlled locally and as far as I can tell Detroit is like Saginaw in that the (tiny) local income tax is individual only and not businesses. If I'm misreading, local income tax is still a tiny part of the package. The real incentives have to come from the state.

    When Engler decided Michigan had to stop being a "single crop economy" Detroit's incentives didn't matter, the state incentives went away and even if Detroit gave the best incentives it possibly could plenty of other states and countries were wiling to give a better deal.
  7. deirdre

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    you pay individual income tax to your towns/cities? we only pay property tax here to towns/cities...as individuals.
  8. Hevach

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    Not all cities, I'm safe where I am but in Saginaw proper there is.
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