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  1. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member



    No. For two reasons:

    A) It's a photo from March 12th, and it's clearly above the trees, and hence is flying - four days after MH340 went missing.

    B) It's not a 777. 777's have distinctive wings which are swept back, and this plane has wings that are at right angles to the fuselage.


    Here's an overlay of an actual 777 schematic over the jungle image. Adjusted for length (although this seems to be a much smaller plane)
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  2. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    Yes....I'd surmise the satellite image is of an E190.


    (Not directly ventral, but the basic shape looks close).

    Ah, a better one:
  3. Mark Barrington

    Mark Barrington Active Member

    The appearance that the plane is at a low altitude is an illusion because of the extremely long focal length lens used by the satellite camera. Unless you can locate the shadow of the plane, it's going to be hard to estimate the height above the ground.
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  4. Ikarus31

    Ikarus31 New Member

    By following this link: http://public-action.com/911/boeing757-200/ you may also can realize that the aircraft shown on the satellite image is most likely a BOING 757 variant !
  5. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    That was my first guess, but I rejected that hypothesis when I studied the relative shapes of the horizontal stabilizers. The satellite image isn't at very good resolution, though, so it's difficult to be certain.

    However, it is most surely "case closed" that it is not a B777.
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  6. Jdcorley

    Jdcorley New Member

    And if you zoom out you will see the plane is on medium final to Veer Savarkar International Airport (VOPB) in Port Blair, South Andaman Island. A quick check of the airport service narrows this airplane down to one of two flights operated by GoAir (overhead livery matches) both being operated by an A320 according to their website.

    This ain't rocket science, Tomnod people!! I wish I could comment on things over there. I have looked for stuff too.

    I really wish I could access recent overheads of airports within range. MH planes can be distinguished by overhead photos, I think the USN pulled the Kidd off the search because they have intel showing the jet somewhere else.
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  7. DeanN

    DeanN New Member

    Here's a bit of sleuthing someone could take on (it's late in Colorado and I'm sleepy). Use the flightradar24.com site, the date and time from the sat image (I'm assuming it's in UTC/GMT), and the approximate location of the map tile. Plug the values into the "playback" box and hit play. You will get a replay of the flight that passed over that area. Click on the plane icon and viola, you will have an exact description of the plane, equipment, departure and destination. Even the altitude and speed it was flying at the time.

    PS-You can also replay the MH370 flight out of KL using UTC date 3/7/2014, time 16:41. It's a bit freaky when you see it just disappear on your own screen. Also, it only tracks transponder data, not radar officially, so no new theories created from this site's data for us to debunk!
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  8. Gary Cook

    Gary Cook Active Member

    There are bound to be a lot of theories of conspiracy regarding this plane. Especially considering all the 'strange' circumstances but I wish people wouldn't just make things up.
  9. cloudspotter

    cloudspotter Senior Member

    :rolleyes: :D
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  10. DeanN

    DeanN New Member

    And.... BINGO! It IS Go Airlines flight G8/IGO305 from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (VOMM/MAA) to Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands (VOPB/IXZ). On 3/12/14, it departed Chennai at 8:15 AM IST, which is 2:45 AM UTC, and arrived at 10:30 AM IST, or 5:00 AM UTC. Since the pic was taken at 4:49 AM UTC, Jdcorley is EXACTLY right.

    Equipment: Airbus A320. If you look on the tail of the original picture, it is the exact same paint job.

    Again, Jdcorley is EXACTLY right!


    And the above shot of the A320 looks like this:

    More people should do the following...
    Sources: Flight Schedule - info.flightmapper.net/route/YY_MAA_IXZ?date=2014-3-12
    Tracking - www.flightradar24.com
    Time Conversions - www.worldtimebuddy.com
    Airbus A320 GoAir Pic - planefinder.net
    Airbus A320 Design Pic - aerospaceweb.org
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  11. Scooter121

    Scooter121 New Member

    Found this image on Tomnod last year. Never heard anything about it but was wondering what it could be? Looks like debris...

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  12. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    No way to tell from that small image. Can you give the co-ordinates and date or a direct link so people can check it out?
  13. Scooter121

    Scooter121 New Member

    I don't have the laptop I originally found it from. I took the pic on my phone because I was using a laptop that wasn't mine and I didn't want to save pictures to it. The map number was 281819. It was part of the Tomnod challenge so it was right around the time of disappearance when they opened

    I originally tweeted the picture on March 14th, 2014 so it's within a week of the disappearance. I'm sorry I don't recall the date.

    Here's a picture of the tweet with the date I found it.

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  14. Ray Von Geezer

    Ray Von Geezer Senior Member

    Don't you think it looks like a ship?


    Ray Von
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