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    Just wondering if anyone has come across this guy yet? Supposedly this is a quote by Matt Anderssen, now involved in Indigo airlines but a former consultant. Indigo Airlines is/was (I don't know if it is still operating) a business airline based in Chicago and is not related to another Indigo Airlines in India.


    This quote is doing the rounds at chemmie sites.


    The quote is taken from The Economist readers comments. I don't how thoroughly The Economist vets those contributions but here is the compilation of others quotes by him in the Readers comments... which, charitably put, appear to be all on a certain theme. There are three possibilities in my mind as to the veracity of these quotes, in descending order of probability;

    1. It is the man in question and he has "lost it".

    2. Someone has hijacked his identity and is posting under his name, or,

    3. What he says is based on technology he is aware of but offers no proof.

    Anyway here are the comments allegedly written by him... the invasion of Norway one I find ... interesting.

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    Whoever it is has lost it

    It seems that Indigo is no more

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    Although the Economist comments contain some of the same phrases, after some Googling I think that full quote originally came from this letter published in the Guardian. There he is identified fully as "Former executive adviser, aerospace & defence, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago".
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    I think you are right. On several of his recent posts he identifies himself as "CEO Indigo Airlines" and his LinkedIn profile has him as "Executive Adviser Booz & Co". He worked there before Indigo Airlines but the Booz & Co website has no record of him being in any current leadership position there.

    But that has not stopped the redoubtable Matt McInnes of Australians against Chemtrails of claiming this as damning proof. Matt never did get around to proving I was a former USAF pilot which he claimed on FB. Such is the standard of his "research".
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    Yes I've come across his name befoer in conjunction with a letter to the Editor that says chemtrails are all aorganised, there are dozens of planes doing it, etc

    This is from a letter to the editor, not any actual research - - someons analysis of the letter on a blog

    As usual any actual evidence is conspicuous by its absence - where are these "dozens of tanker aircraft" based? What are they spraying? Who is supplying it? How does someone running a small charter outfit know about it but no-one else does?
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    this is from Linkedin on him

    I found an odd type comment from him on the WSJ but it isn't that odd

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    Have y'all seen this


    It would seem if they are just starting tests, that would blow a hole in the whole chem trails nonsense
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    Yeah, the SPICE project was put on hold very shortly after that article was written. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15132989

    I still get chemtrails believers who refer to this project as proof that chemtrails testing is being done, even though it would have involved a tethered balloon releasing water droplets - a far cry from jets spraying metals.
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    I’m trying to verify where the quote came from starting with “Few in the civil sector fully understand...” Above, The Guardian is referenced. I saw that article. There is curiously little context though. Any help would be appreciated...
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    It's just a letter to the editor in The Guardian newspaper, published on February 9 2012. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2012/feb/09/at-war-over-geoengineering

    It appears to have been written in response to an article three days earlier about the feasibility study published by Aurora Flight Sciences: https://www.theguardian.com/environ...rtificial-volcano-cool-planet-sun?INTCMP=SRCH