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    A tragic event, with echos of both Columbine and Sandy Hook. It's certain to be portrayed as a "false flag" distraction by the usual suspects. Infowars is already talking about a "cover up" with some random observations.
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    Just work scuttlebutt and not something I'm finding online, but I heard a weird flip on the false flag norm: every major shooting is followed by a surge in gun and ammo sales and Remington is filing for bankruptcy because of weak sales, so the gun industry is faking shootings to drum up sales.

    Of course, Remington's issues aren't new and have persisted through multiple post-shooting surges, it'd take more than a short regional bump to turn their fortunes.

    The link also addresses the ISIS thing - he posted a Google screen cap after looking up what allahu ackbar means, but he posted it along with a slur and a wish to kill terrorists.
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    Images of a yearbook are now being circulated on facebook claiming David was a Californian student who graduated in 2015 . Might be worth an individual thread
    This barefaced claim is getting a lot of traction close to 60,000 shares: https://www.facebook.com/linda.traitz/posts/10211563959915196?pnref=story

    Note his classmate at top of frame with "eagles" Tshirt which is mascot of the Florida School, not the Cali one.
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    maybe. Blend all the ones on him together. They don't provide evidence of anything though to back up their claims.

    My link above is gone :rolleyes:
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    Conspiracy theorists' attacks are catching up with the outspoken survivors:


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    Not just right wing media, but it's come very close to home. An aide to state representative Shawn Harrisson, using a myfloridahouse.gov email address, sent claims that students interviewed were crisis actors. The aide was quickly fired, but it shows that this is not just some lunatic fringe, this is people with political connections and possibly aspirations of their own as these kinds of staff positions are sometimes the gateway to build the connections needed for "real" appointed or elected offices.
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    Somewhat off-topic, the "Hogg in California" video led to a political aid being fired:

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    David is a very passionate guy into all sorts of things like Video and Photography, Astronomy , Vblogging etc His school websites detail many of his activities such as setting up cameras for High Altitude ballooning projects: He's president of the School Drone club.

    Hogg is on the school newscast with Tarr
    Group Photos with him appear on his school's TV and film club:

    Source: https://twitter.com/wmsdtv/status/864944333874769920

    Source: https://twitter.com/wmsdtv/status/781964051710636033

    There's a slight possibility that the Classmates website may not be entirely reliable : http://www.classmates.com/people/Donald-Trump/4000169190207

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    The whole "crisis actor" meme is getting attention from MSM and is getting quite a bit of pushback including getting skewered by Colbert/Kimmel et al...

    https://news.google.com/news/search/section/q/crisis actors/crisis actors?hl=en&gl=US&ned=us