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    The video of a Jet Airways flight being intercepted by German fighter jets is causing a bit of interest on social media, both due to the very visible contrails (enhanced by the video being filmed near sunset) and by the appearance of a "UFO":

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJALftSN0ek

    Flight 9W118 from Mumbai to London on February 16th 2017, a Boeing 777, was intercepted after it failed to respond to air traffic control on the correct frequency over Germany.

    The video was shot from a British Airways 777 flying behind it and 2,000 feet higher (flight BA2042).

    The "UFO" appears to fly from left to right (and slightly "forwards", ie towards the same direction as the filming plane rather than perpendicular) from around 1:26 in the video:




    Based on an article in the Aviation Herald, the intercept occurred somewhere around 1600 to 1630UTC: http://avherald.com/h?article=4a51a0a5

    I have looked on Planefinder at the track of the aircraft in question. The BA plane is clearly seen to be following the same flight path, 2,000ft above and a short distance behind flight 9W118. The only flight I can find around this time that fits the path of the "UFO" is flight LH998, which passed from left to right ahead and below the BA and 9W planes, at 19,700ft, on a path roughly "2 o'clock" relative to the filming plane. This altitude would put it almost 20,000ft below the filming aircraft, but still likely above the cloud deck, which appears to be middle altitude cloud (altocumulus?) which is typically below 20,000ft.


    Playback on Flightradar24 has the planes in slightly different relative positions, with flight LH66 (also shown as DLH2MJ) also crossing in front of the Jet Airways plane, making this another possible contender for the "UFO":

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  2. Trailblazer

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  3. Clouds Givemethewillies

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    How do the CTers explain an Indian passenger jet, full of people, with an absent-minded pilot, and two, armed, German fighter jets on a 'mission' spraying the same bit of air? I am not on Facebook myself..
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  4. Trailblazer

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    Well, the photo from the ground shows that the contrails are not persistent, so they are using that as their get-out clause. (Although the video from the air shows that even those non-persistent trails are pretty large!)
  5. Clouds Givemethewillies

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    I thought high-bypass jets did not make 'regular' contrails. I did notice the fighters jets had longer vapour gaps..
  6. Trailblazer

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    Russ Tanner has latched onto this. Apparently it's some kind of psyop?

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  7. Tedsson

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    Isn't the "UFO" the second Luftwaffe jet climbing to meet the errant flight.

    The BA pilot says "there's the other guy" at about 1.28.

    Presumably he knew that there were two Luftwaffe jets in the air or his radar told him.

    It is doubtful they registered on Flightradar24.
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  8. TEEJ

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    I thought that too, but he is referring to the second fighter coming up from below and behind.

  9. Efftup

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  10. Trailblazer

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    It could, but I don't see why they would do that. And we know there was another plane at the right altitude and heading in the right direction to match.
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  11. Efftup

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    I would have thought that circling round and coming from behind would be the most obvious thing to do. If you have to shoot it down it's the best firing position and if you don't it helps prevent a head on collision. but as you said, there is another plane it could easily be
  12. Tedsson

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    The Typhoons were from the Luftwaffe QRA airfield in Neuberg (according to the Luftwaffe website).

    Looking at the flightradar24 image Neuberg is south east of the 777 near Marburg and an intercepting Typhoon would be on the same heading as the "UFO".

    It's the BA pilots comment that fascinates me.
  13. sharpnfuzzy

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    It's not one of the typhoons. They would have flown in formation all the way to the intercept. The wingman would not leave his lead to fly out in front of the target especially since staying behind them gives a positional advantage. They should have known that the target wasn't a threat but they still would have been practicing their intercept tactics as if it was.
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  14. Efftup

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    That makes sense. Although splitting up would allow them to search a wider area faster, it is not tactically sensible. ( any more than it ever is in a thriller/horror film)
  15. Auldy

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    They werent searching for it though. They new exactly where it was and at what altitude, so they would have made a direct route to the target, no need to split up here.
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