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    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OyUoGUV7b8

    Transcript from excerpts of the above used on ABC:
    Something I see coming up over and over in 9/11 conspiracy circles is the claim that "Mossad agents" were seen celebrating the events. A key piece of evidence that they bring up is the above quote from one of the young men (temporary student workers at a moving company) saying (via translation) "Our purpose was to document the event."

    Conspiracists take this to mean they were sent there to document the event. The most obvious reason is that is why they were filming, to document the event. Lots of people were filming that day, also documenting the event without being part of the plot.

    9/11 Myth's page on the subject makes the same point:
    But how to convey this? Something that would be very useful here would be to get more from the Israeli talk show the young men were on. It's in Hebrew, but translation should not be impossible. There's some of the original audio in the clip above, which might contain some clues.

    In the clip above, the audio and video does not match the voice-over. The first clip does, saying: "And at that point, we were taken for another round of questioning, this time related to our alleg-edly being members of Mossad", and you can just make out the word המוסד (HMWSD H'mossad) in the second of silence. But that's as much as I could get out of it. The translation then is presented as if Ellner alone was talking, any yet we see both the other students, and one seems to say something - although possible just an interjection.

    The underlying audio in that section is NOT long enough to say what is heard in the voiceover:
    In Hebrew that would be:
    This takes six seconds to say. Listen to Bing say it here:

    But Ellner seems to be speaking for only three seconds, and that with pauses.

    So it seems plausible to me that the translation is somewhat misleading edited - cutting together things to make it seem like he's saying "we came from our country ... to document the event." He's not even saying that, of course, even in the translation. But finding the original video would be a great help in explaining that to people.

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    This is the name of the show:

    This is the text below him:
    Metabunk 2018-09-30 14-24-38.
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    What Looks like the show title:
    לפיד יאיר

    Is actually Yair Lapid, former Israeli minster of finance.
    Metabunk 2018-09-30 14-36-14.

    He was the presenter (in 2001)
    Metabunk 2018-09-30 14-37-39.

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    (probably: "Suspected of being involved in the attack on the Twin Towers in the US")
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    I think more would be more clear if a "good" translation were available from some person fluent in both english and hebrew...with an understanding of the conjugations, etc.
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    Its unclear from this because the voice over but there are a couple of ways of saying this in Hebrew. Starting with 'our purpose', this can be said as:
    מטרתנו (mataratanu) which can also mean 'our target' or:
    תפקידנו (tafkidanu) which can also mean 'our function', or 'our job'

    'To document' can also be 'record'
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    this guy says he says Hitchalnu. Can you tell if he says this? (I can't separate his words)
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    I don’t think the voiceover is matching the conversation simultaneously, but I have tried listening to it several times and I think he says ‘itchalnu lefeched’ which means ‘we started to get scared’ which could be in relation to the previous assertion that they were Mossad.
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