1. Dan Page

    Dan Page Active Member

    Had a thought that I'd run by everyone. So many times when I see a tweet about chemtrails or any of the other subjects that have been thoroughly debunked is to be able to STAMP it with a DEBUNKED stamp. Not sure exactly how this could be done, but I know it could be done some how. I downloaded a "stamp" font and made this:
    So I would reply to a tweet such as this, with the Debunked stamp on it.
    Chemmie Tweet.

    So it would look something like this, except I think the stamp should be tilted about 30 degrees:

    Debunked Chemmie Tweet.
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  2. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    what exactly about that tweet has been debunked? I dont see a claim. Metabunk doesnt debunk whole theories.

    I like the idea of a 'stamp" that can catch on, but i dont think it should say Metabunk on it. What if the debunk is from another site? it also would require a pasted link to an actual debunk..othrwise it just looks like trolling.
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  3. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    Yeah, bright red, and tilted would be eye-catching.

    Pros: Slightly less letters required than "[...PP...]"

    Cons: A lot of people have just lazily accepted baseless slagging of Metabunk, and so, (with no credible evidence)
    have chosen to believe--and regurgitate-- that MB is part of the evil conspiracy machine,
    that they imagine to be virtually everywhere.
    Thus, having MB's good name out there in that format, might actually be counter-productive. :oops:
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  4. Dan Page

    Dan Page Active Member

    Yes, I thought of that, the repercussions to this site. But take some obvious examples like the ballast barrels photos, wouldn't it be nice to stamp that, and the url could take you right to the pertinent thread. It's not going to sway the firm believers, but maybe some that are on the fence might click on it and find a whole new world. Anyway, just an idea I had.
  5. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I've used an overlay with the word "Bunk" occasionally. I just use it to immediately clarify which image is bunk.


  6. skephu

    skephu Senior Member

    There are many such stamps already (google image search)
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  7. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    Big red one that says: NO! JUST NO!!!
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  8. Dan Page

    Dan Page Active Member

    My point was to steer people to metabunk.org (the specific thread) to enable them to see a differing view. Obviously this would make this site a target more of a target for the hardliners who will never believe the truth, but maybe it would keep some from falling deeper into the rabbit hole. Just an idea, I realize there would have to be some kind of protocol for putting the stamp on something, like running it by one of the moderators first. Who knows, maybe twitter would put the kibosh on it as we would be altering someone elses photo, that would be ironic as they probably altered the photo to begin with as in the case of the ballast barrels.
  9. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    i think just linking to the thread is best. maybe add the hashtag #debunked. or #Metabunk

    Technically Metabunk.org is trademark protected. For ex, if it is stuck on your example above then it looks as if "MB approves this message", when in fact it doesn't. (in that particular case). You sound conscientious, but alot of people aren't. Look at that group that hijacked MB to troll Madison Moonstar.

    Plus, seriously, it is true that many times other sites have 'cleaner' debunks. And those should be the links provided. In the case of say chemtrail theory, even articles written may be a better link to provide depending on what the tweet or post is. Or even just a link to the original picture...like this thread is short and sweet, so a link would be ok, but it would also be ok (or better) to just link to the original source provided in this post. The less people need to read or scroll to see a debunk the better.

    So a MB tag on your stamp would actually hinder your debunking, imo.
  10. Dan Page

    Dan Page Active Member

    You make an excellent point on the idea being hijacked, I.E. people will be putting a DE-BUNKED stamp on stuff we put out, WITH the metabunk.org with it. That would not be desirable at all. I can see how it would get out of hand, so was just an idea, putting it to bed now. This will not stop be from coming up with new ideas though! LOL.
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