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    There are many ways you can capture a part of the screen as an image, and then save it to your computer. When you've done that you can upload it as shown here:


    However the simplest way of doing this is just to copy and paste the image directly into the post. Both Windows and Mac OSX come with handly little built tools that allow you to snip part of the screen, and then you can copy and past.

    On Mac OSX, you use the "Grab" tool, which lives in the Applications/Utilities folder.

    1. Run Grab (⌘-Space then type "grab")
    2. Click Capture Selection or Capture Window
    3. Select the Area/Window you want to capture
    4. The image should open in a window
    5. Edit/Copy (or ⌘C)
    6. In Metabunk, paste the image in.

    On Windows, it's basically the same, except you use the Snipping tool, as described here:

    1. Run Snipping tool (Windows Key, then type "snip")
    2. New Rectangular Snip or Windows Snip
    3. Select the Area/Window you want to capture
    4. The image should open in a window
    5. By default it will copy to clipboard so you can skip this, otherwise you can do Edit/Copy (or ctrl-C)
    6. In Metabunk, paste the image in.

    If you have problems with the copy-n-paste method (it does not seem to work in Windows IE10), then you can just save the clipped image, and upload it as normal.

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  3. Mick West

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    Indeed. For XP there's the old standby of press the Prt Scr (Print Screen) button, and then pasting the result:

    There's also a variety of free software that works with XP, none of which I've tried:

    For the Mac, I use and recommend the old version of Skitch, version 1.0.12. There's a version 2.7 Skitch, but it's a different program and a lot of features broke when they changed. They might have improved it by now though.
    Old Skitch: http://www.oldapps.com/mac/skitch_for_mac.php?old_skitch=10010?download

    I use Skitch 1.0.12 for the screenshots with the arrows and text, and for simple diagrams.
  4. Mick West

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    The Legacy of Skitch on OSX seems to have been taken up by MonoSnap - I'm going to experiment with using that for a while:

    Initial impressions - I like it! I withdraw my recommendation for Old Skitch, and I now recommend Monosnap for all your annotated screenshot needs on OSX
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  5. cosmic

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    I just found Skitch this evening (using Win 8 here). Are there any other Windows apps worth considering that let you similarly add text and arrows with ease?
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    i use Gimp which is free. a bit more bothersome then some programs as you have to wait for it to open. haven't updated in a while but he old versions don't come with arrows. you have to download arrow brushes or make your own.
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    I've used GIMP for years. It definitely has its uses as a solid freebie, but I haven't been able to find plugins that let you execute simple tasks as quickly (i.e. Skitch).
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    so why not just use skitch? I'm going to check skitch out too

    edit oh its so cute I cant stand it!! ; )
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    I'm going to, was just wondering if anything better has been released in the last few months. :)
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