1. Boston

    Boston Active Member

    OK so every other site I've ever been involved in had this darling little feature known as "ignore this poster". And there are those few jewels who have earned there place on that cherished plane.


    Whats the magic formula on this site for achieving this most beloved end.

    My most humble thanks to anyone who can provide this information

  2. Joe

    Joe Senior Member

    click on the user name and it will say follow or ignore

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  3. Boston

    Boston Active Member

    in an attempt to express my deepest joy and exuberation over finally achieving my days goal I was confronted with an edit error message, about a half dozen times, claiming that the post I was attempting to edit could not be found.

    Just keeping you posted.

    carry on.

    I'm going to go celebrate ;-)
  4. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I'd deleted some posts above, to tidy up this thread into a "How To".