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    He's not bleeding to death. That is why he is still alive.
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    I spoilered the picture because it's a picture of the victims, and I also note there's no gore - it's not a 'gore' warning, it's a 'picture of Boston victim in moment of trauma' warning.
    And it's not deleted, you click on the 'spoiler' and the pictures are there.
    The spoiler command in forums is used to hide things so you have to deliberately interact with them to see them, in case someone prefers not to see it.

    ETA: spoilered the earlier sequence of the same photos on previous page for consistency
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    The blood is likely obscured from view in the first few pics as his legs are in the way of what is beneath him. You can see blood around him, why isn't that enough?
    Can you tell me how much blood should be there based on his injuries? Can you tell me, from just hose photos, how much blood he has or hasn't lost?
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    Please prove me wrong with any zoomed in picture of any blood underneath him, look at his clothes, there is no blood on his clothes, where is the blood coming from?
    If it was coming from his leg which is in the air the blood would be dripping all over his pants, top and all over the ground, the other guy has more blood on him!
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    Look at the gound in the first picture - there is clearly blood on the ground.

    You didnt answer my question - how much blood, in your opinion, should there be and what is that opinion based on?

    You missed the point. Shin injuries hurt, like most injuries do. You stated earlier:

    My reply was making reference to the fact that adrenaline and shock can and does mask pain and causes people to do extraordinary (and sometimes strange) things, as evidenced by the example that I gave to you. Im fairly certain that having a metal rod stuck into your skull would be rather painful, however that man managed to drive four blocks and was relatively composed when speaking with witnesses, which refutes "adrenaline can not be used as a reason". It obviously can, and is well documented.

    Violent, unexpected trauma (like a bombing) is going to cause different rections to a person than experienced by someone who willfully enters a ring and is expecting to feel pain through fighting.
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    That's all well and good but can anyone show me where the blood is coming from on his leg?
    How much blood should there be? Depends on the injury, if he's bleeding to death as deidre says then there should be a huge pool of blood and all over him, ripped pants and blood is a good sign of shrapnel penetrating , if it is just a scratch then not much blood and maybe just a band aid or a tissue
  8. occams rusty scissor

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    Right, so you can agree then that from those pictures, you don't know how bad his injuries are or the extent of them. Also very plainly illustrated by the picture is that his lower leg is covered by makeshift bandages/tourniquet/whatever first aid is being given, so it's fair to say that from that picture alone, you can't really conclude anything. You don't know if a tight tourniquet is applied which has stemmed blood flow, therefore limiting the amount of gushing blood you suppose should be there, or how ripped his jeans are etc.

    As requested, zoomed photo:


    None of his jeans where the wound presumably is can be seen due to dressings. Plenty of blood in the background though.


    Blood clearly visible on the ground where the victims legs would be laying.
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