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    Taken near Palo Alto California, around 10:30PST, 14.03.2017 (unfortunately not my photo). KehtOyJbrKP0CkDTdqf7UwykOJ9KfdEY9HRfE1Bd7Pg.
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  3. Trailspotter

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    Do you have access to the original photo? If yes, could you please post its Exif?

    My educated guess is these three flights:
    Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.57.52.

    As the middle plane was at a lower altitude of 32,000 ft than the other two (at 36,000 ft), the three planes would appear more evenly spaced.
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    Thanks for the help, I will try to get the EXIF data from the person who posted it.
  5. SR1419

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    Interesting to note, the contrails do not appear to be persisting...in case people were claiming "chemtrails".
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    Could it be a military flight? This footage is from Petaluma which is to the north of Palo Alto and San Francisco.

  7. Mick West

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    I assume you mean 10:30AM PDT? i.e. 18:30 UTC?
  8. Mick West

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    Seems too far away, about 100 miles there.
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    Shouldn't be a problem for long lenses, unless hidden behind local geography. This is one of the reasons I requested Exif.

    The other is that I suspect this is a 'trick' shot - an overlay of three sequential shots of the same contrail. Deflected from the plane track by wind, such a multiplied contrail makes a series of staggered parallel lines. I've seen this technique before, for example:
    [​IMG]series2-3.psd by Gordon Dunn, on Flickr