1. FreiZeitGeist

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    Anybody noticed, that the official HAARP-Website http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/index.html seems to be offline since a week?

    There´s a copy of the site in the "Internet Archive":

    Only GodlikeProdutions has a small thread about it (with the wrong conclusion that they moved to the faked "Haarp-Status" at theweatherspace.com)


    Does anybody has some facts about?!

    EDIT BY MICK: Answered in post below:
  2. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I suspect its simply broken. Looking at the first version of the web page from 1997 it seems the site has pretty much been the same (just increasing in size) for 16 years. This means that it was probably running off a PC somewhere, or at least had a rather idiosyncratic hand-coded setup. Unfortunately the contact email looks like it's on the same server.
  3. FreiZeitGeist

    FreiZeitGeist Senior Member

    The Haarp-facility seems not to be the busiest place in the world :)

    View attachment 3270

    Comment under second picture from here:
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  4. Cairenn

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    And this

  5. AdamGDog

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    I have noticed HAARP has gone offline. But I actually need to contact them for a feature documentary that I am making. I need to actually rule them out of the cause of a 'hum' coming from a manmade island called 'Zug' between Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON. I had previously tried contacting them for the last 6 months, then recently tried again (as I am now in full production). They should at least have a media contact person to talk to, but now they don't even have a site. I am very suspicious of this, and the lack of communication. They are suppose to be transparent and open to communication. I may just have to fly to Alaska, and then drive there. They could just be lazy, and understaffed, or possibly over worked.

    I need them to say that they are not on Zug Island basically, and then I need them to tell me what they do in a nutshell. Very simple and easy stuff...I don't want to go down the conspiracy road for 'hums' ...it's something I need to rule out officially though. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Did you try calling them?
    (907) 822-5497

    Frankly though, the idea that they might be on Zug island strikes me as rather improbable. The island is just too small. Here's the HAARP antenna array overlaid for size:

    And there's detailed aerial photos of every sqaure foot of the island. There's nowhere to hide an antenna array:
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  7. AdamGDog

    AdamGDog New Member

    I agree, and actually this is a good point you made on the size. I have not tried to call, but I will ! Thanks
  8. AdamGDog

    AdamGDog New Member

    oh yeah..that number does not exist by the way.. kinda makes you wonder where they went. One more point is that the map of Zug may not be current. I might rent a plane or chopper to fly over Zug Island...but the antena array could only fit in one spot anyway. The other thing I have noticed is that it would not work well at that latitude (Zugs location). They need the arctic to opperate in the ionosphere properly
  9. AdamGDog

    AdamGDog New Member

    Thanks for the sizing -- that will work out well to explain why it is not there
  10. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I think basically HAARP's web site was just very out of date (hence the old phone number), and just died. They are not really super active, so nobody is in charge of fixing it.
  11. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    If you use Google Earth, it tells you the date of the imagery. The most up to date image is from 6/21/2011

    it's pretty much unchanged for the last 10 years.

    But I see the Windsor hum started around 2011 by most accounts.

    I think the Google maps 45 degree imagery is newer. And Bing maps 45 degree is from 2012
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  12. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    I went to the University of Alaska's GeoData Center to see if there was data from any of the instruments at the HAARP facility. At the top of the Magnetometer page is the following message:


    So I did what seems logical to me and wrote to the contact email and asked why the Gakona station was off-line. Here's the answer:

    I redacted the name because of the tendency of some conspiracy theorists to harass people.

    So basically they "pulled the plug" until this management issue is resolved. The irony is that the "notorious" Office of Naval Research is no longer willing to oversee management of a facility that is allegedly a secretive super powerful weather/earthquake/mind control/etc. weapon. :)
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  13. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    More details:
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  14. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member


    Is this a terrible letdown for Jim Lee, or perceived as a victory?
  15. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    It doesn't matter to those people, they can still see radar anomalies and such so they KNOW that HAARP is still up and running. And Jim has mapped out other "sky heaters" on his fear porn site so if HAARP is down there's always EISCAT et al. To the true believers, the news that it's shut down is just a BS cover story for even bigger and badder nefarious activity. They're on a mission and they will not be deterred by such things as mere facts. On the other side of that coin, there are others who are convinced that it's nexrad stations what are controlling the weather so HAARP is pretty much unnecessary within that scenario.

    In the following vid (which Michael Janitch is promoting btw) from one of the "rat pack", they claim that the HAARP facility is not shut down because DARPA has a budget for research to be conducted at the HAARP facility this year. What they overlook is the fact that those experiments are scheduled for the fall and winter. Then again, they ignore most real science in favor of their own brand of pseudo-science.

    More of the same...

  16. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    And Dutch just LOOVEESSS that screen capture of the Dover AFB "across the spectrum pulse" that was debunked here

    He keeps using it over and over again, as if to say "see, see, I captured this in late June, no way is HAARP down".
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  17. Met Watch

    Met Watch Moderator

    Kevin Martin of TheWeatherSpace.com claims he has signed a one-year contract with HAARP and currently has it back up and running.

    Unless he has the money to keep it running per year (to the tune of several million dollars), this is clear BS.
  18. FreiZeitGeist

    FreiZeitGeist Senior Member

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  19. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    Does anyone in the conspiracy world ever completely read and or full understand what they are reading? I guess it's just easier to cherry pick what you need out of any particular article, then shoehorn that into said conspiracy, and all of your followers will buy into it, sight unseen, without their own research or fact finding.

    Now Dutchsinse, on his Facebook page, is quoting some 8 year old noise study as "proof" the HAARP facility only has a single diesel generator; which, in his mind, means any of the recent reports of the facility shutdown in part because of expensive generator repairs and environmental violations MUST be fabricated.

    Except....in the same report he is quoting...it also mentions the future expansion to 5 diesel generators and that "The purpose of this study is to characterize the power plant noise levels, estimate the sound levels emitted from the power plant when all five engines are operating, and compare those estimated sound levels against applicable regulations."

    haarp doc 7-18-13.JPG

    He also links to another article published in Popular Science in 1995. In it, Dutchsinse seems to find evidence that HAARP runs on natural gas turbines, once again establishing proof the recent statements about HAARP's demise are fabricated. Except the article states:

    " Eastlund worked under contract for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (now called ARPA) and was awarded three patents one of which was classified until 1991 for inventions dealing with ionospheric modification. One of the most grandiose systems described in his patents is a 40-mile square, HAARP-like radio transmitter that would have used huge amounts of electric power generated by turbines burning natural gas drawn from the vast North Slope reserves. "

    This second article also goes on to mention the existence of multiple diesel generators:

    "HAARP's power output nearly twice that of any other ionospheric heater combined with the rapid beam-steering ability and broad frequency range of its transmitter, will permit the IRI to modify higher-altitude areas of the ionosphere from greater distances than ever. A bank of six 2.5megawatt, 3,600-horsepower diesel generators powers the IRI prototype, while the rest of the facility taps electricity from a nearby power line."
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  20. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    Now Michael Janitch and company have added the fact that DARPA plans on conducting some experiments at the HAARP facility in the fall/winter of 2013 and that there are a couple of research grants awarded that have end dates past the time that HAARP was shut down. One of his cohorts, tatoott1009, even called the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) to harass them over an article on their website about HAARP closing because no author was listed for the article, which he finds suspicious. Michael and his cohorts think they've debunked a "hoax". They're even worse at debunking than they are at interpreting radar data. Of course they ignore the statements that mention it's likely just a temporary situation until a new prime contractor comes on board within the next month or so. He calls the Alaska Dispatch a "HAARP skeptic site" when it's just an online news outlet covering many categories of news in Alaska.

    Michael states on his blog that there are Air Force and DoD experiments taking place right now. He thinks that because the AF or DoD are funding grants that they're also conducting the research when in fact the research is being conducted by the University of Alaska. Just because a research grant is valid past the date that HAARP was shut down, it doesn't mean the facility is currently in use. They could have conducted the experiments before the facility shut down and would then spend the rest of the grant period analyzing the data and writing a paper or they might simply be analyzing data collected from other experiments conducted over previous years. Michael Janitch and company obviously know nothing about the process of scientific research and experimentation, or the grants that fund them. Data collected over the course of a few days might take a year or more to fully analyze and research grants cover funding for the entire process from start to finish. I mentioned Michael's nonsense about grants and such to my GF, who is a botanist and intimately familiar with research grants, and with a disgusted look on her face said "those people are freakin' stupid". My sentiments exactly.






  21. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    They probably don't care to know, either.

    He is a fear-monger who derives some income directly from contributions from his followers.

    At one point he was hyping every severe weather event saying that weather radars created storms and were killing people. Turned out he was working for a builder of storm shelters and promoting their products.

    The guy is the purest definition of a con-artist shill who seeks to develop a cult-like following for fame and fortune.
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  22. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    Yeah, like this rubbish...

    What? That's totally nonsensical. I wonder from where he pulled that out of context, other than from out his backside? Noise temperature, transmitter operating temperature, or any one of a thousand other technical details he knows nothing about? In the process of trying to show off to his flock, he just exposes his total and utter ignorance of the subject matter, well pretty much any subject really.

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  23. neverknwo

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    I had to make this illustration to show how bunk haarp's weather tampering is.

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  24. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    Not even that much.
  25. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    I had to troll Dutch on a couple of different videos to finally get his explanation for this claim. I received this in my YouTube Inbox, He's removed my comment and his from the comment section, and I'm now blocked from his channel. Darn, now I have to wait for his next "running of the trolls" to have fun with him, again.


    Side note, the end of the comment Dutch accuses me of being a conspiratard. On this site, we've been accused often, of not believing in any conspiracies. Michael Janitch (aka Dutchsinse). Jim Lee (aka rezn8d), and Tatoott1009 (sorry, don't know him) is a conspiracy of disinformation that I believe is actually in progress. J'accuse, Dutchinse.
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  26. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    Right on. I figured out a couple of days ago where Dutch got that 1000 K microwave beam temperature from. He made that comment a day or two after his buddy tatoott1009 posted an article on his "Tat's Revolution" blog. I was waiting for him to reveal where he got it from before posting it myself.


    The article on Tat's site is basically just a copy-paste of a scientific report on the environmental impacts of space based solar power and the effect of high energy microwave transmissions through the ionosphere. There are several references to temperatures at or near 1000 K but they all relate to temperatures of electrons and neutrals in the ionosphere. For example:

    Michael's "One example from the document" is not even in the document, that's just his interpretation of the above examples and the following:

    http://www.esa.int/gsp/ACT/doc/ARI/...nmental_impacts_of microwave_beams-Report.pdf

    Michael Janitch's comprehension of that paper is 0 K. (That's zero Kelvin, as in absolute zero.)

    There is no such thing as the "temperature" of a microwave beam itself and not all microwave beams are transmitted at the same power or frequency anyway.

    So in a comprehensive report on the environmental impacts of powerful microwave beams, nowhere does it mention anything at all about microwaves affecting weather in the troposphere. That would seem like a glaring refutation to the claim that microwaves can produce tornadoes or any other kind of weather phenomenon.

    Perhaps the comments relating to the whole 1000 K microwave beam thing should go into a new thread?

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  28. Met Watch

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  29. scombrid

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    It is hard to tell what is infighting in the conspiracy church and what is a publicity stunt/attempt to get persecution points.