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    Forgive the Gish Gallop but the reason the conspiracy continues is because of the following observations. . . .

    These observations and questions (many redundant) are sometimes counterintuitive and are very difficult to explain to a laymen and IMO are one of the reasons the chemtrail conspiracy persists. . .

    1) Smoke is seen at ground level and it appears to eventually dissipate but can linger in haze for hours. . . . but generally the higher smokes goes the quicker it dissipates. . . while persistent contrails won't form at ground level but will as you get to higher altitudes. . .

    2) Fog can form at ground level and remain for hours or seemingly for days. . . but contrails seemingly won't . .

    3) Clouds can form in a cloudless clear sky but seemingly won't dissipated for hours . . . they are commonly persistent . . . If air is a fluid and molecules go from higher concentration to lower concentration why do clouds appear to visibly adhere together . . . is there a bond . . . ?

    4) Except for aerodynamic vortices persistent contrails usually won't form except where the air is thin enough (higher altitudes) but clouds will. . . ?

    5) Why do persistent contrails form when clouds will not? Why do persistent contrails not form when clouds will ?

    6) Why is it the higher an Aircraft flies the greater the chance they will form a persistent contrail where and when clouds may not?

    7) Why do contrails appear unbroken for miles and then decide to simply end . . . and begin again . . .?

    8) Why does one aircraft leave a persistent trail and one doesn't . . . though they appear to be flying at the same altitudes . . . ?

    9) Why do persistent trails appear to form patterns in the sky?

    10) Why is it when I see persistent trails it usually (storms) rains later or if it looked like rain the rain goes away ?

    11) After persistent trails why does my and/or my family's allergies or respiratory problems increase . . . ?

    12) Why do I get depressed or anxious when there are persistent trails in the sky . . . .?