1. Mick West

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    Quite a long article about chemtrail folk:


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  2. Auldy

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    Great read. Shame about getting called out on the domestic flight numbers.
  3. scombrid

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    I don't recollect this being said this way. I think the journalist misunderstood a statement. Air lines are in fact flying more direct routes and they are using jets to do it. The turbo props that were doing a lot of the distribution out of Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia have been scrapped and replaced with small jets.

    This is another wrong statement by the journalist. I don't think the journalist has a grasp of the issues that the Justice Department is investigating. Air passenger traffic is at an all time high. Just cutting routes a little bit is going to drive price up a lot.

    Yes, in the last year or two airline mergers have cut a lot of service. Southwest dropped a lot of AirTran's routes. American is slashing US Airways routes. Ticket prices have adjusted accordingly. Justice Department is looking to see if airlines have colluded beyond these merger situations to manipulate the supply of seats.

    But air traffic, particularly jet air traffic, has increased substantially in volume in the last 20 years. Journalist is being very sloppy here.
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  4. JRBids

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    Case study #2, the Morgellons woman, is wonderful to see in the article. It shows the thinking of the typical chemtrail believer.
  5. Mick West

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    Yes, it's a shame he focussed on that. There are many reasons why people might see more contrails than they previously though they did.

    The point I was making there is that people might live in a place that did not have overflights when they were young (in the early 1990s or before), but the addition of new routes could have made contrails show up more regularly in that particular location.

    Airline routes have increased since the 1980s. What he's referring to is a contraction in flights since the peak in 2007.
    Yes, there's been some route restructuring in recent years. But the point still stands, changes in the route map can make people think there's been some change in "chemtrails" if they suddenly start to see more contrails.
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  6. 15? o_O
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  7. Mick West

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    That does not mean she started 15 groups. Groups have multiple admins, and it's common for someone active in a community to eventually get made an admin of a group.

    It's a lot though, so maybe that's just how many groups she's a member of, and she admins some.
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  8. skephu

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    No problem. That's what I'm going to do :)
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  9. Graham2001

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    An update from the CBS network:


  10. MikeG

    MikeG Senior Member

    This statement really does capture Wigington's approach. He is the lone crusader, risking his life against a threat only he knows over revelations of a cataclysm that has been right around the corner for years.
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