1. James Richards

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    Hi People,

    I had a quick search, but couldn't find anything on the following images on Metabunk;

    Screenshot (102).

    Screenshot (103).

    It's claimed there was white smoke before the collapse of the South Tower, coming from the base of it. The second image was apparently released after a freedom of information request.

    Has this already been explained?

    I am currently tearing apart a "documentary" I was sent to watch, and this one had me stumped.

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  2. deirdre

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    I've changed your thread title to "explaining" vs "debunking". There isn't anything to debunk because you did not add a claim of anything to debunk.

    Using an image search I find this blog. the comments are suggesting possibly a car fire at the base of the catwalk
    (your second photo). unfortunately the video attached is no longer on youtube.. perhaps you or someone else can find footage from that area.

    I'm busy now so I'm violating the no click policy :oops:

    but some additional info for readers:


    Your first pic doesn't look like anything more than the building collapse. Is the documentary online so we can see more footage? There was an "explosion" (ie. stuff coming down the elevator shafts) in one of the Towers..I can't remember which Tower that was but there is probably a thread on that ..try searching or googling "firefighters explosions)
  3. There were some small fires in the lobbies from jet fuel coming down the elevator shafts. It comes up in the Naudet film.
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  4. Nada Truther

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    Anyone know what time the second image was taken? The crooked first screenshot with the test is during the collapse, but the second on looks like it is taken from before. Therefore, this "white" smoke was coming out before collapse, perhaps? Not sure what that means, but I wouldn't think that one could say that it was "during" the collapse ONLY. Also, it doesn't look that white to me. The one during the collapse is covered in the shadow of the falling debris, so it tends to look a little lighter. But, the second definitely has some darkness to it.
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  7. Todd Cee

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    nice pics ... I hadn't see these before ...
  8. Trailblazer

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    A comment left on a blog post which includes these photos, at http://stevenwarran-backstage.blogspot.com/2010/11/cryptome-and-nist.html

  9. deirdre

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    that actually sounds pretty cheap for such a convenient location. I remember in the early 90's it was about 40$ to park for a few hours in the Washington Square area. Here's a nearby one today (there are prices on the signs in some of my pics above but I cant read the fine print.

  10. Nada Truther

    Nada Truther Active Member

    I don't see what the "parking lot being a quarter full" would point to.... Not sure what there is to gain in terms of conspiracy... If there are any pics of that lot before 9/11, it might look the same. I tried looking on GE, but everything was either too shaded by the still standing towers, or was too old to get a good image. I think that many people who work downtown probably do not drive, so fighting your way to park across the street from WTC for a pretty hefty sum of money might put that parking lot 1/2 full at best on most days. There is also the many factors that we saw that kept the towers mildly empty too... Fairly early in the morning, first day of school, so people were coming in late, big game the night before, so many called in sick...
    It could be possible that some people might have tried to move their cars too.

    I have never really seen these pics, and that surprises me, as there is a clear shot of a plane wheel and what I would assume is the chunk of steel from the exit hole from tower 1. Maybe I just missed these images before.
  11. Rory

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  12. deirdre

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    that and there was vast underground parking. Perhaps some people don't realize that most professionals take the train into the city or use the subway if they are more local. Or the fact that there was several floors of underground parking (which is where the 1993 bomb exploded).
  13. Nada Truther

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  14. Rory

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    The wheel and panel are mentioned in the NIST report, on page 21:
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