1. Neil Obstat

    Neil Obstat Member

    I think it would be a great idea if we all could start bringing torpedo levels on our plane trips and prop them up on our laps during the flight. Imagine being a stewardess walking down the aisle seeing all those torpedo levels on passengers' thighs! Wouldn't that just make your day at work!

  2. Kevin McMillen

    Kevin McMillen New Member

    Wouldn't my cup of coffee, Coke or Sprite be good enough to prove the plane isn't dropping 67ft per second as FEers claim?:D
  3. Neil Obstat

    Neil Obstat Member

    I'm not sure. You never know what a flat-earther has up his/her/unID'd sleeve. They manage to come up with the most bizarre accusations!

    But if you want to be really in the "loop" you ought to remember to bring your torpedo level to keep on your thigh, then you'll be sure to get plenty of attention. ;)