1. Trailblazer

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    This 1985 coin is frequently cited by chemtrail believers as a depiction of "chemtrail spraying":


    eg this page on Chemtrails Planet:

    The truth is much more mundane. This coin is part of a seven-coin set issued in 1985 to commemorate the travels of Pope John Paul II. A presentation case is pictured below, taken from http://www.vaticancoins.com/coin/1175/1985_Vatican_Mint_Set_7_Coins_BU/


    The Italian text reads:

    i.e. "Theme: The travels of His Holiness John Paul II".

    The explanatory text on the website states:

    High-res versions of the other coins mentioned, showing the travel theme:


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  2. Trailblazer

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    I found a better picture of the presentation set here, although it only shows the obverse ("heads" side) of the coins:

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    I guess this should go in the Pre 1995 Persistent Contrails Archive
  4. Trailblazer

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    The coin is already in there, but buried on page 9, so I thought it was worth making a post that's easier to find.
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  5. Clouds Givemethewillies

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    Obviously he was some sort of a flat earth believer.
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