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    Max claims this is proof of chemtrailing during the search for MH370. It is taken from a BBC news article here


    Max claims that this is flight JA500A, which is the aircraft shown at the beginning of the piece and is a Gulfstream of the Japanese Coastguard http://aegwaspotters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/japan-coast-guard-gulfstream-g550.html

    The uniforms are Australian in the piece and the aircraft shown at the end is an AP3C-Orion as this article clearly states


    So all in all a fuel dump.


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  2. hemi

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    This one's got the inhabitants over at Chemtrails Global Skywatch a bit excited.

    Video is accessible here: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-26782637?SThisFB Relevant bits is from about 0:29 - 0:32.

    My initial thought was that it was the exhaust from the Australian Orion P-3 that the news crew has presumably jumped a ride with, but looking at some photos of Orions on the web it doesn't quite match up.

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  3. WeedWhacker

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    A fuel dump in progress. Was covered in another thread.

    (May I suggest a search, and link to help alleviate misinformation about the non-existent "chem"trail hoax?)

    (ETA)...here is a MB thread link:
  4. Pete Tar

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    David's post is probably worth being added to the first of this one, it's a good debunk.
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  5. Mick West

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    I've copied it over. Because of the earlier date it's become the OP.

    Also added the Wiki explanation of why planes sometimes dump fuel.
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  6. WeedWhacker

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  7. M Bornong

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    Excerpts and photo from http://tailspinstales.blogspot.com/2011/05/hunting-hugo.html
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    Now, how to explain to the "Max Bliss-heads" that their guy is wrong???
  9. Mick West

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    Interesting excerpt from that:
    That's significantly out of the V-G envelope (5.5g from a limit of 3), and yet it was fine.
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  10. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    This is interesting and certainly pertains to other threads (9/11 related).

    What it shows is that despite some claims (those made by certain "other" websites), airframes are indeed built to far exceed what are defined in the CFR Regs as "minima".
  11. M Bornong

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  13. M Bornong

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    It is quite rare.
  14. Melbury's Brick

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    What would you spray on the ocean? Tartare sauce?
  15. KC-10FE

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    Wow, Max really has no shame, it seems like he never lets a good opportunity go to waste to perpetuate his hoax. That's ok, I was having a conversation on Youtube today where the other guy went from saying it was airliners spraying, to changing his mind, saying those planes were actually making contrails, while it was actually low level unmarked objects holographically disguised as planes, flying in formation conducting the spraying. From there it moved to allegations of orbs and other sophisticated aircraft such as black, triangular-shaped UAV's spraying, since they were seen hovering over the World Trade Center on 9/11.

    For some reason 9/11 has been brought into a lot of chemtrail arguments lately, with one individual telling me a B-52 had crashed into the World Trade Center before, when in fact is was a B-25 crashing into the Empire State Building in 1945. They also have started using Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam War as their latest "proof", bringing the spraying of Agent Orange into the equation. It's amazing to see them grasp for straws after you take way the WITWATS, HR2977 and "contrails don't persist" arguments, along with the latest theory that high-bypass turbofans can't make contrails.

    Back on topic, I think the general question asked by non-flying types is why aircraft would want to dump fuel, not realizing the purpose is to land below the maximum allowable landing weight.
  16. JRBids

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    And some of them look at this forum, but don't seem to absorb what is posted:

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  17. TWCobra

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    Apart from anything else, the Australian Air Force engages in chemtrailing, and let's it be filmed by BBC journalists on a search the whole world is watching???

    The NWO doesn't deserve to take over the world with stupidity like that.
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  18. Hama Neggs

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    None of the 'leaders' have any shame. Whether Tanner, Saive, Wigington, Bliss, Mangels, etc... every one of them spouts total nonsense, if not outright lies. That may be the biggest hurdle to overcome in debunking the nonsense. You have to get the believers to understand that the deception they are sure is coming from 'government operatives' is actually coming from the people they fervently believe are telling them the full truth.
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  19. WeedWhacker

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    This is why I have adopted a stance of calling "chem"trail claims an "Urban Legend". I think these claims qualify for that status.

    "Urban Legend" defined:

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