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    I've seen that map many times and often wondered how it was made. It seems to have been created in the mid 90's by Dr. Michael S. Coffman, the president of Environmental Perspectives, Inc.


    Dr. Coffman is a prolific writer and speaker. He's often be found at 'Liberty' conferences and events sponsered by the John Birch Society and the Tea party. Full bio... Dr. Michael S. Coffman


    The maps themselves can be found at the Environmental Perspectives, Inc. web store where a whole array of informative books, maps and pamphlets can be downloaded for free or for a price. (They even accept the Discover card)


    According to the fine print on the map, it was used to stop the ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity. That event took place in 1994, so that should give an approximate date to its creation.


    I found one link that credits Dr. Michael S. Coffman as having prepared the maps and sources the data as coming from various UN studies and treaties.
    http://ebookbrowsee.net/agenda-21-new-7-31-pdf-d458217641 (http://archive.today/HbLeH)

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    It says on the map,
    But here says:
    So it seems like Coffman took the text of the UN convention, interpreted it rather generally, took some other maps of wildlife areas and movement corridors (from the 1992 "The Willdands Project", and marked them as being "little to no human use", etc, based on his personal interpretation of things.
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    The map's intentions seem clear, to me, connecting existing wildlands with areas to be left undeveloped to prevent isolation.

    Some parts of Michigan have done similar things already (I doubt just Michigan, but I actually know some specifics here). The development boom in Carrolton and Kochville basically closed the path for deer and coyotes to get from the thumb to the interior of the state - there's an almost solid line of development from the Saginaw Bay all the way down past Flint, so for the last 15-20 years we've been having periodic problems with deer and coyotes passing through neighborhoods and farms where they eat crops, attack livestock, damage property, get hit by cars, and harass locals. The coyotes in the area are particularly fearless and tend to be aggressive towards small dogs, and it's always surreal to see a flock of freaked out turkeys trapped in a parking lot with no idea what to do. Several remaining undeveloped corridors were barred from further development to keep the same thing from happening north of here.

    One landowner got stuck with a lot of useless land nobody would buy as a result, which last I knew was lined with hulled boats carrying signs saying stuff like, "DNR: Damn Near Russia."
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    The usual scaremongering regarding UN takeover and Agenda 21 was on ATS a while back - thread - it also rates a mention in others back at least as far as 2010 :/
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    Here's the wiki page on Wildlife corridors...
    You'll find them world wide, in the UK there is the 'Hedgelink' project, which seeks to link various wildlife habitats with one another along the link of traditional hedgerows, often this means letting a hedge grow in a traditionally managed way with a wide margin along side it, 10-15 meters wide. Another successful idea is to use verges along trunk roads and railways as wildlife corridors, this not only helps wildlife but has the added bonus of hiding unsightly motorways, muffling traffic noise and even help soak up exhaust pollution.

    All good stuff, helps wildlife, bio-diversity, improves the countryside and the quality of life for all. And to link this with the whole Agenda 21 crud as a sign of population control is a stretch of credulity of the most extreme kind...

    ... unless they think this is a way the US authorities are planning to loose packs of wolves, armies of bears and swarms of killer butterflies on the unsuspecting populous.
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    I want to be hysterical about this, but I am sincerely not clear on what exactly I'm supposed to be scared about...

    (they can't be saying that making a map of wildlife corridors = killing off of humans, right?)
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    Thanks for looking this up, I figured as much, CTers using this map to promote fear-mongering...
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    To be fair, there *is* a societal cost to ideas like this, and it can hurt people. Like the guy I mentioned in Michigan who thought he was in on the ground floor of a boom town between Midland and Gladwin and instead was stuck the unwilling owner of acre upon acre of squirrel nests (to be fair, the state gave him a chance to sell to them and recoup his costs, but he chose to sue first and was shocked that after he lost the offer was withdrawn). There's a lot of red on that map, and it crosses highways and passes between adjacent towns and so forth. Some of it's wasteland, but it does represent a lot of potentially valuable development areas.

    Of course, that cost is that you can't have an unbroken line of specialty retailers and fast food from you all the way to the next town, and you'll have to drive through some scenic nature to get there. Which as awful as it is, is a far cry from depopulation and loss of national sovereignty.
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    Off topic. Much of the data used would probably predate Agenda 21. It is actually quite an interesting map looking at it from a European perspective. Sometimes the media gives impression is given of vast urban sprawl in the US, and similar in the UK only a small percentage is urbanised.
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    A slightly different version of the map, easier to read:
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    Yes. Its a property rights propaganda map...that has made its way down the rabbit hole a bit. Never mind that the map was first published 18yrs ago by a for-profit consulting firm and the term "mandate" is likely deliberate hyperbole used by the author. The whole map is hyperbole.

    Although, he is claiming that this map represents "what might have been" had he not been there to save the day.

    I think the map's (author's) intention was to spread fear. Fear of UN "mandated" taking of private property.

    yes. If you look closely at the map- a lot of the red is in parts that are already wilderness and open land. Much of the Western US is already federally owned and sparsely populated. Indeed, in the state where I am currently (Montana), it is roughly the size of Germany (slightly bigger) yet has a population of less than 1 million.

    Wildlife "corridors" are not a new concept- they are used locally for mitigating conflicts with migration routes and they are trying to scale the concept an ecosystem to ecosystem approach- like connecting Yellowstone to the Yukon:


    But this map is nothing more but one man's interpretation of his worst case scenario.

    Of course, you are welcome to purchase a map for yourself:


    The Mr. Coffman produces a fair amount of material- but seems to be very far right if not over the edge and down the hole.

    Check that: He is down the hole:


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    If you really want to be hysterical about this, Glenn Beck is your man ...
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    Dr Coffman passed away in July 2017.
    It seems like his website has gone too, I've updated the OP with archive links.
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    I'm unfamiliar with Agenda 21 and this thread, but did a quick Google image search to find background info and Metabunk was #1 in the non-paid results!
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    The map was shown on the floor on September 30, 1994 by Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
    She attributed it to the Maine Conservation Rights Institute, the 1994 newsletter of which talks about the corridors, and the and how they (The MECRI) is devoted to stopping agenda 21 and the CBD
    Metabunk 2019-01-02 21-25-31.

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    I really wonder how much of this type of thing was actually people who were ideologically opposed to federal and UN power, and how much was the result of astroturfing by energy and resource companies. What are the connections?

    MECRI is listed in a 2001 entry on "The Property Rights Foundation of America" web site:
    Coffman (who drew the map) says in his bio:
    What was this key role? Did he make the map specifically for this? Did MERCI just happen to have it with no real connection to him? How did it get to Senator Huchison?
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    The connection to the Wildlands Project (now Wildlands Network) seems to be most significant. The document above talks about how they saw the CBD mostly as a problem because it said the Wildlands Project was a good thing.
    It seems the whole thing can be traced back to Henry Lamb, a former chairman of Sovereignty International, who here is seen giving a talk about how he discovered the supposed plot.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vW9ORaIR_w

    At 4:16, he says:
    I'd like to see page 993, to see the context.

    He goes on to quote from page 15 of the Wildlands Project, and Dr Reed Noss, about setting aside 50% of the US as wilderness. That can be found here:

    Noss's article is just one of several with different ideas. It has one map, which is similar to be still differs significantly from Coffman's map
    Metabunk 2019-01-02 23-15-17. Metabunk 2019-01-02 23-15-34.

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    My copy of the Global Biodiversity Assessment arrived today, over 1,000 pages and 8 pounds of dense reading material.
    Metabunk 2019-01-23 12-05-49.

    Page 993 contains Section, which is mentioned as a source on the map, and is also the only link to the Wildlands project.
    Metabunk 2019-01-23 12-08-44.

    So it seems like the Agenda 21 folk have been misquoting this all along. The Wildlands Project is a not a central theme of the GBA, it's simply that the idea of reserves and corridors is central to the Wildland Project, which is described as "controversial" and "problematic".
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    Note the difference between 30% and 50%. Putting this into perspective:
    • the whole world has signed the Biodiversity Treaty (except the Vatican and Andorra), and only the US have not ratified it (Wikipedia:Convention on Biodiversity)
    • Germany is highly industrialized, and not exactly known for being "socialist". 16.1% of its area are designed as natural habitats, and 32.2% are biosphere reserves and landscape protection areas, used as buffer zones and corridors. (Source: German Wikipedia I did look at the website of the "German EPA" (english version) , but its statistics and maps are differentiated by the different types of protection, and "Two or more protected areas of different types can overlap or even cover the same area of land".)
    Schutzgebiete Deutschland.
    Looks so much nicer when the protected areas are green and not red, doesn't it?