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    I can't get on youtube at this time because of connection limitations, but it sounds like old A.C. Grffith. He has passed on, but I am very familiar with him. He singlehandedly for some strange unknown reason picked barium as his buggerboo and ever since then, chemtrail believers have expected barium to be in them.
    Amazing how a guy who just worked at the post office could turn himself into a CIA and NSA agent and convince many thousands of people that water vapor contrails contain barium. It's a mad mad world!

    curious. what are the comments you speak of?
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    That'll be the one, cheers. Interesting that this one isn't being fired at me on Twitter every day. I wonder if it's circulated that the bloke was a fraud?

    Comment 1 -

    Q - Does anyone else see the skulls in the spray at 2:00?

    A -
    yes because they are delibrately photoshopped in you dunce.

    Comment 2 -

    Could this be why I and many others I talk to have lost our lust for life, the desire to work, no feeling or vigor for life. I noticed it started about 5 years ago. Does anyone else have these feelings? Were you once happy and vigorous and now are uninterested? Its not a lazy feeling per sey but one of having a lack of energy and desire. They call it depression but I wonder is it an unduced depression from these chemicals?

    I know the person is obviously depressed, but I couldn't help but laugh at the idea of chemtrails robbing them of the will to work...Hippy.

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    It's a bit sad that on that youtube video where Mr. Griffith's son posted his statement explaining that his father was a hoaxster, at least some chemtrails believers still are trying to hold onto the myth:
    So, he'd post videos on the internet about it, but he wouldn't tell his own family?
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    Those are the dangerous ones to my mind, even their emotional sensitivity doesn't overcome their zeal,to the point they'll see even something like that as misinformation and be socially inept enough to vocalise it.
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    The depression that person suffers from isn't from chemicals, that person has surrendered their own mind to the control of hoaxers. Michael Murphy makes religious comments about "people playing god" Murphy is playing god with people's minds, and if there is a god, he can't be too happy about it. Morally, it is a corrupt thing to do.