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    This is from Fleming"s 2010 book, "Fixing the Sky, the Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control."

    Fleming's interview was featured in Whywats (after a lot of cut-and-pasting) but he confirmed to me in an email that he does not support the chemtrails conspiracy theory and never has. So I think we can still say that there is not one person with an advanced degree in any form of atmospheric science who believes in chemtrails. The quote from Cohen was from an unpublished department of defense briefing.
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    I didn't ask him why he did the interview. He said they interviewed him about the history (mostly military) of geoengineering, then cut and pasted it to fit their script. His book is a passionate statement on why we should not start with geoengineering. Maybe he thought it would help spread that message. It probably did help sell his book. My local bookstore said their distributor had it on back order. Amazon said four copies left.
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    It's an interesting book, very detailed look at the history of weather modification. I have it on Kindle. The cover is from Collier's magazine in 1954:
    View attachment 1954-05-28 Collier's Weather Made To Order.pdf


    He posts on various places. Keeps getting miffed that nobody mentions (or uses) his book. He really should go and edit the Wikipedia page on Weather Modification, as it's terrible.
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    So this book may be something to warmly recommend to chemtrail believers ...

    If Michael Murphy has used Dr. Fleming's reputation to bolster his claims, then the book's statements can't be simply dismissed without affecting the credibility of the film, or am I being too optimistic here?
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    Here is the correspondence, which he gave me permission to post:

    Dear Mr. Funk,
    They interviewed me about geoengineering, mostly the military history of this. Then they cut and pasted my remarks into their script. I am definitely not an advocate of the chemtrails conspiracy theory and never have been.

    Jim Fleming

    On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 12:02 PM, Stephen Funk <funk@snowcrest.net> wrote:
    Dear Professor Fleming,
    Does your appearance in "Why in the World Are they Spraying?" mean that you are now an advocate of the chemtrails conspiracy theory? It would not appear that this is the case based on what you wrote on pages 187 and 264-5 of your book, "Fixing the Sky ... ".
    If not, do you think that the producers of the film showed your interview accurately, or did they selectively edit it to say what they wanted it to say?
    I would be grateful if you have time to reply. I am a retired forester in Mount Shasta, CA., and have come to be the main skeptic of this theory in my community.
    Steve Funk

    James Fleming
    STS Program
    Colby College
    5881 Mayflower Hill
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    It might be interestng to contact the trader from the Chicago Mercantile exchange. I doubt that he knew what his interview was going to be used for, and probably knows some good reasons why they can't be claiming that billions are being made trading weather.
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    One answer might be that the Weather Derivative market only has a total valuation of just under $12 billion US, according to a 2011 report by the WRMA. I wouldn't be surprised if the chemtrailers conflated total value with profits.

    Weather derivatives market grew by 20% in 2010-2011, says WRMA

    Weather Derivatives are basically insurance against loss or reduced profits due to weather related events. The only evidence they could use is if most of the profits and trades are made by a very few entities.
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    Yeah, that's what I suggested when I wrote a debunk based on the preview


    It's rather a fruitless avenue to debunk though, as people will only fall for it if they can't really follow it.
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    I AM a believer in the "Chemtrail Conspiracy" Here is a partial list of fellow Stratospheric Aerosol Deployment CRACKPOTS:
    Edward Teller
    Lowell Wood
    Ken Caldeiera - Review his Google Tech Talk on climate engineering. He outlines his chemtrail aerosol deployment plan.
    David Keith
    Bill Gates
    Nathan Myhrvold
    Yeah, we're all a bunch of weirdos who need to be debunked.
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    All those people have talked about doing climate engineering in the future. You could add thousands of climate scientists to that list.

    Nobody denies the people have talked about it. There's just no evidence that people are actually doing it.
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