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    There is a long and often re-posted quote by a ....Dr. Alan Greenberg, advocating the futility and dangers of conventional/pharmaceutical industries, in relation to health.
    This quote appears often, especially among a list of "famous doctor quotes", on alternative health websites.

    In a search of his name, his above quote consistently appears, but with no source info or links.
    I understand that the quote appeals greatly to the alternative medicine crowd, as it explains the general sentiment of people's discontent with Pharma .

    Dr. A. Greenberg, (if it is the same one) was involved in conventional medicine for many years, but now is in retirement....and advocates the dangers of conventional medicine and modern Pharma. He apparently now sells "chelation therapy" and other nutritional supplements.

    Even though I was able to find more info on Dr Alan Greenberg, most other mentions of his quote....no source in these re-posts is mentioned at all.....and it was implicated as important, because of the "MD" credibility framing his name......as if he is somehow now a whistleblower.
    This lack of a source, peaked my curiosity. I'm still not able to find the original source of the quote....but I'm semi-confident this person exists, and in his business context, he certainly could have said it.....or very close to it (ref. above quote).

    I also found it quite common for many people to justify, or defend the quote, even without knowing if he was real or not. When I posed the idea (online)....."maybe he's not a real doctor, there is no source for the statement"........several replied, "It does not matter if he is real or not, his sentiments ring true" (paraphrased).
    To that I mentioned......
    For whatever matter.....Mr Greenberg is a non-practicing (and retired) MD, and is selling/promoting chelation therapy, specifically on this site.....which also promotes the (well debunked here and everywhere) "Bionic Hydrotherapy Foot Baths".
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    Not necessary, doesn't matter if this person exits or not. This insight point of view to medicine has been acknowledged since last century. Not only he realized this truth about modern medicine but many other health care practitioners have already revealed the limits and dangers of medical style these days.
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    So you essentially agree with Leifer then

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    It must be very frustrating for the people who distrust modern medicine that life expectancy keeps going up, and diseases that would formerly have been death sentences are now easily and routinely treated or prevented altogether. Reality just keeps getting in the way of their ideals.
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    Believe it or not, I found the Chinese version of this paragraph in Wechat group chat of my family. At the first glance I thought it was a blab, but my anti deeply trusts this idea,so I searched on google then I found this website.

    According to the links, the status of his license of was "Revocation. The Board found that the physician is mentally incompetent to practice medicine." in 2001. May I understand this as the quote of this doctor is [nonsense]?
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    Quite nonsense, yes. For myriad reasons.

    One thing to be careful about, though, is that revocation for mental incompetence. That *could* be for promoting stuff like this, but it could also be a separate thing (though probably related, in a way). My wife as a nurse has known a few doctors to get the same revocation, and it usually comes at the end of a pattern - an older doctor has a series of issues due to out of date practices, reduced mental faculties, or reduced physical faculties for some doctors (dexterity in older surgeons, for example), which they are given gentler reprimands than they maybe deserve, but paired with the suggestion that, you know, maybe it's time to retire and enjoy some golf and grandkids. Doctors who don't retire generally get a harsher reprimand than they deserve the next time, and in the end will get a their license revoked for incompetence as the board's way of saying, "No, seriously, it's really time to retire."
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    according to wayback machine he was 80 in 2016, so in 2001 he would have been 64/65.
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    There are several different ideas in that paragraph. If you want to present facts to your aunt, it is probably best if you take each assertion and research it separately.
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    Where I encountered the quote, it was attached to a photo of this guy: https://allangreenbergblog.wordpress.com/
    Not only is the first name not the same, it's immediately evident that he's not a doctor.

    Here's the actual guy: http://www.cellphysics.com/agbio.html
    That "Cell Physics" venture/site is the not-obviously-selling-you-things version of his supplement company: http://vitaminretailer.com/resources/buyersguide/10374/science-formulas-inc/
    Here's the [study] for his product: http://www.detoxhealth.com/oral-chelation-greenberg-study-page-1.html
    As of 2015 he was apparently still giving talks: https://chemsense.blogspot.com/2015/04/march-speaker-alan-greenburg.html
    and working as a consultant at Tree of Life Health Ministries: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/...ealth.html?soid=1101541216511&aid=bA8lGQZjAh8
    He doesn't currently appear on their main site, so maybe he's retired for good now.
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    You could increase life expectancy by putting people into intensive care after 70, but that does not mean they would be healthier in general.. On the other hand I am quite glad not to have had smallpox, or died of polio (like my sister).
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    That's the trouble with doctors: two or three visits and they have retired.
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    Well I'm definitely confident to say: those people in 70s or later is healthier than those who didn't make it, because the latter are already dead :)