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    Winning Jeopardy contestant James Holzhauer finally lost his dominating streak of success, in the US game-show "Jeopardy".
    He was about one (1) win away to break the all-time record set in 2004 by Ken Jennings of
    Conspiracy theories immediately arose on social media, when Holzhauer only bet $1399 in "final Jeopardy" (the last question)...instead of betting more (if not his whole pot), because his rival player and librarian Emma Boettcher was already ahead money-wise, at the time of the Jeopardy final question. Plus, he knew about Emma's college under-grad thesis was about Shakespeare....the topic of the "final question".

    Conspiracy reactions were like this....
    ...and others claiming there some "inner deal" between him and Sony (the show's corporate producers/owners).

    But Holzhauer rebutted and disputed the various conspiracies in several social-media posts, stating that in order to win the final question at all (mathematically), was to hope that fellow contestant Emma, got the answer wrong. But she got it correct.

    In Holzauer's last Jeopardy's episode, it seems every contestant played it mathematically correctly, or smartly....
    So Emma's bet on the final question.... was meant to cover (beat) Holzhauer's... even if he bet his whole pot.... which she did.
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    The situation is described the same way, clearly, in this Time online article....
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    Jeopardy! .....interesting tid-bits.....

    The Blind winner amazed me, Eddie Timanus.....
    also another bit........For my work, I "scenically" painted one whole season of the Jeopardy! set around 2014.....meaning I painted the contestant and Alex's podiums, and other props at the Sony Studios set/sound-stage. Look for old seasons with a gold-leaf podium.

    The current Jeopardy! stage/set was painted by my best friend in the scenic 'business'.
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