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    The answer is yes.


    This picture (which is somewhat cropped by virtue of my photo of it) is from pages 98-99 in Joel Meyerowitz's book of ground zero photos Aftermath. There are two captions, one naming each of the detectives of the NYPD Arson and Explosion Squad in the photograph and the other providing the following background:

    Not only were the NYPD's arson and explosion experts on site, but they were the ones who were pushing hardest to create and preserve a photographic record of the rubble! Has anyone from AE911Truth ever attempted to interview any of these detectives to see if they saw any evidence of explosive devices at Ground Zero?
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    There were also explosive experts from private contractors there. Here the passages and screenshots from the BBC documentary The Conspiracy Files - The Third Tower":


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    One group that's reaching out to first hand witnesses and doing interviews is the Italian blog "undicisettembre".

    I suggest you contact them[*] and provide them with the names and with the relevant information in the book. Oh, and browse their blog - perhaps they have already interviewed members of that squad? Check Italian-sounding names first!

    [*] I am on the run and don't know if contact information is available on the blog. I can give you a couple of email addresses, if needed.
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    On the blog @Oystein recommended there is an interview with Brent Blanchard,

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