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    This news even reached Central Europe. Quoting from English language source.


    I think actions like this can be useful to convince people who actually trust the establishment, but lack the information to fully understand what happened.

    At the same time, I am not really conversant with the US legal system. Are the verdict and related document published in cases like this? Maybe someone who is more adept in such things could link them for all of us to learn.
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    it says the damages wont be heard until October. if that is the case then the case is still on going.

    there is a site https://sandyhookanalysis.blogspot.com that covers all the trials and legal proceedings against hoaxers in detail and provides documentation when they become available.
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    pfft. his claims are absurd. Good on the Jury!

    This article is much more informative (and doesn't mislabel Pozner as a retired professor).

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