1. Mick West

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    The "it costs too much eat healthy" claim has always seemed a bit dubious to me. This study seems to confirm those suspicions. I think the truth is more like "it's too much trouble to eat healthy"
  2. Sausalito

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    The nutritional profile of wild, low bush blueberries significantly outshines those of most store-bought varieties. That said, it sure is time consuming to pick a good quantity of 'em. But they're free if you just go foraging. Has anyone read Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson? I have yet to peek at it, but I read that it deals with how selective breeding has inadvertently created a nutritional disparity between wild foods and those commonly cultivated in the agribusiness. Been meaning to look into that claim...
  3. Elfenlied

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    So what they found is that calories cost money, water is cheaper than lemonade and if you want to lose weight, instead of saving dollars by eating less, you can save pennies by eating "light".

    That may be good news for fat Americans, but for people of normal weight it still means that eating healthy means spending more.
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