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    It's funny how Dane Wigington explains ~06:00 into on the documentary film "Look Up", by George Barnes of Skyder Alert, how the goal of the patent "Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming" is about "solar obscuration", to "block the sun".


    But reading the content of the patent tells us this:

    So the purpose of this patent Wigington refers to is not to prevent radiation from the sun to reach the earth's surface, but to convert trapped radiation (infrared) from the earth's surface into radiation further away from the infrared range which then can escape back into space. The principle is similar to how Welsbach mantles (gas mantles) work, hence the "Welsbach" in the title.

    What's even more funny is that this patent clearly discredits the method of deliberate aerosol spraying from airliners by adding metallic particles in the jet fuel. The patent states:

    In other words, the statement above is not the patented method described in the patent (Wigington seem to believe it is), instead the patent provides what is claimed to be a better solution (Welsbach seeding) that would not trap long wavelength radiation in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses such as CO2 and methane are especially good at absorbing radiation (trapping heat) in the infrared spectrum, which is what this patent claims to have the solution for.

    It's obvious this isn't a case of editing, Wigington clearly misspoke, or simply didn't pay attention to the actual methodology described in the patent. But considering how many irrelevant patents you find in this list http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/links-to-geoengineering-patents/ it wouldn't surprise me if Wigington really doesn't care as long as the patents contain certain keywords such as "aerosol", "cloud seeding", ect.
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    Plus, the patent doesn't mention barium or strontium, and they aren't recognized as Welsbach materials, yet the chemtrails believers have incorporated that piece of mythology into the patent gambit. Francis Mangels thinks the patent was made out to "Mr. Welsbach", who died in 1929!
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    It would be well worth it to picture yourself in actual debate with Dane, then write up a concise easily understandable way of putting your point across for laymen. I think you have found a very big hole in his claim, and having it available in an effective format will be useful one day. Shortest form, simplest terms, and an explanation using a real-life example anyone can recognize might help.
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    I didn't expect such huge implications of my findings though. I just have a bad habit of checking sources that's all. I'd like to be proven wrong, but honestly I cannot interpret the patent any other way than it actually discredits the "solar obscuration" method because it lead to further trapped infrared radiation.

    Maybe Mick West will be kind enough to review the finding and possibly add it to Contrailscience if the find is indeed correct. It seems to be one of Wigington's big starting points in "Look Up".

    The reason I read more into the actual patent was because I some year ago started to review all the patents featured on Geoengineeringwatch. While the titles sort of looked relevant I wanted to know more about what the actual patents said about purpose and methodology. I haven't gone through all of them (it is a long list after all) but so far I've found mildly relevant things like artificial smokescreens for protecting ground troops, devices for crop dusting, cloud seeding of course, but some completely ridiculous ones like the electric heater from 1927 (patent #1631753) - to be used in coffee percolators.

    I mean, how can such patent be considered relevant at all? Coffeetrails anyone?
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    @MikeC might be able to help you out there

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