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    Weatherwar101 has a new video claiming the Dec. 5/6 2013 ice storm is geoengineered, stating at the end of the vid...

    Always wanted a farm.

    In the video weatherwar101 claims...

    Yes, anyone who understands meteorology could see the weather pattern developing.
    I saw it coming when on Sunday or Monday I told my gf that when she was going to fly out to the east coast Wednesday morning she was going to be just ahead of a potential snow storm here and what would probably turn into a nasty winter storm marching across the continent.

    Because the continental US is along the latitudes where tropical and arctic air masses meet. This is basic stuff. Weatherwar101 should take meteorology 101.


    After showing some forecast maps, WW101 focuses on the following statement below the maps...

    "Yesterday, the 4km NMM model printed out 5 inches of sleet!"

    However, WW101 ignores the rest, which reads...

    "(See my 2007 blog "Incredible Sleet Stories" and last years "8 Inches of Freezing Rain" for records of those weather phenomena)"

    Of course WW101 doesn't want his viewers to know that these kinds of winter storms are not all that unusual.

    WW101 follows by stating...

    Well clouds don't show up on radar, and infrared satellite images of clouds depict the temperature of the cloud tops which translates into altitude. But infrared images have vewwy scawwy colors.


    WW101 proceeds to show winter mode radar loops showing rain turning to snow as the precip is advected into a colder air mass.


    Next he snows a winter mode radar loop where ground clutter shows up as frozen precipitation. Well duh, the radar display factors temperature into the mix in winter mode. And the radar loops are from mid-November. Kind of deceptive, don't ya think?

    More radar loops of rain turning to snow, then...

    I can prove, as the Weather Prediction Center puts it, that it's "a classic ice storm pattern".

    We did get an inch or two of snow along the coast of Washington and Oregon, and like a good little spotter I reported the 9 inches of total snowfall I measured at my location in the Willamette Valley.

    Now, about that classic ice storm pattern. Below are several maps that as a set clearly show frigid arctic air from the north meeting warm moist tropical air from the south with a strong jet streak just on the back side of the cold front. Textbook setup. The result is rain on the warm side, ice/sleet/freezing rain along the front and snow on the cold side. WW101 claims there is not enough moisture being drawn in to the system to produce substantial precipitation. He conveniently fails to show a water vapor map, or any other sort of upper air or surface map because if he did the whole deception would fall apart as it would be obvious where the moisture is coming from and why there is a winter storm. The surface maps clearly show warm moist air being drawn up from the south.

    For those who don't know how to read wind barbs...



    Water Vapor map showing moisture riding along the jet stream.


    Upper air map showing winds at ~35,000 feet, including the jet stream. Note the jet stream is in the range of 145-150 knots, that's around 170 miles per hour.


    Map of surface winds showing winds from the north colliding with winds from the south.


    Map of winds at ~2,500 feet showing winds from the north meeting winds from the south.


    Map of surface temperatures. Note the steep gradient between warm and cold air masses.


    Map showing surface dew points. Note the dew points are within 5 degrees of the temps on the warm side, indicating warm moist air is being drawn up as per the wind maps above.


    Map of frontal boundaries. Note the low pressure disturbances riding the jet stream along the front. Those disturbances impart instability in the atmosphere that produce heavier precipitation and storms.


    Map that combines surface winds, frontal boundaries, H/L pressure systems, temps and pressures at the surface.

    Either WW101 has a very limited, child-like understanding of meteorology, or he knows enough to fool the most gullible and ignorant. One of his fans said...

    I agree, it sends a chill down my spine whenever I see how gullible and foolish those people are.

    ...now, where is my farm?
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    Weatherwar101 has a follow up video...

    Right, as I said in the OP, low pressure systems/disturbances are riding the jet stream along the cold front.

    Or a third possibility (the demonstrably correct one) is that WW101 doesn't understand the very basics of weather and the "approved story line" is just well established meteorology.

    Nobody said that the moisture along the front was coming from California, everybody who understands meteorology knows the moisture is being pulled up from the Gulf of Mexico. The moist jet overhead just adds to the available moisture and instability.

    Talk about deliberately misleading by showing nothing more than some radar and satellite data while omitting relevant surface/near surface data which clearly shows warm moist air from the gulf meeting a cold front, as shown in the OP. Funny how WW101 does the same thing he accuses others of doing. However, to the trained eye even just the radar and satellite data shows what's really going on. Not to mention the fact that he's using the same satellite and radar data he claims is "useless" and "sanitized", unless he has his own personal radar network covering the CONUS and a couple of geostationary satellites.

    Meteorology 101

    The vast majority of water vapor in the atmosphere comes from the oceans, 84% of it.


    Satellite derived water vapor data is valid for the mid to upper troposphere only, it tells you nothing about water vapor up to around 10,000 feet or so. For moisture levels in the lower troposphere you need surface charts like in the OP. Showing water vapor images and declaring there is no water vapor available for precipitation is totally mis-leading.


    As has been shown by the surface maps in the OP, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico is being drawn up into a cold front. Colder air is denser so it forces the less dense warm moist air to higher altitudes where the air cools and the moisture condenses and falls as precipitation.



    Here's the radiosonde data from 12/6 out of Jackson, MS which was along the edge of the cold front at the time. Note the colder air near the surface suddenly and drastically changes to warmer air above with humidity levels up to about 10,000 feet at or near 100% and it stays above 50% up to around 14,000 feet. Surface/near surface winds are from the S/SSW.


    The radiosonde data from 12/5, the day before the front moved into Jackson, shows warm moist air near the surface with winds from the south, confirming the maps in the OP.



    Surface observations from 12/5 confirm warm humid air with winds from the south. Note the passage of the cold front at around 4:00 PM with a sudden drop in temperature and change from southerly winds to northerly winds.



    You won't see surface maps or radiosonde data from WW101 because his deceptive mis-direction entails giving his viewers extremely limited information, just enough to fool them. The only person demonstrating their "disinformation prowess" is WeatherWar101.

    When all the relevant data is taken into consideration, it's quite obvious the moisture is coming from the Gulf of Mexico.
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    Yeah, every meteorologist in the country is either lying or are dupes. Only WeatherWar knows "The Truth(tm)"

    I can think of a fourth possiblity that has to do more with WeatherWar's motives.

    I think WeatherWar is just counting on his audience being easily mis-directed.
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    Yup, in the OP I said "Either WW101 has a very limited, child-like understanding of meteorology, or he knows enough to fool the most gullible and ignorant." So yeah, four possibilities and counting.

    His vids are exceptionally manipulative, using plenty of pics of death and destruction, then there's the whole "everyone else is lying" schtick. I do wonder about the motives, especially since he started begging for donations not too long ago. Says it takes him soooo long to make each video, playing the pity card. Yeah, right... as if it takes inordinate time and effort to record a few radar and sat loops and make stuff up.

    Don't know whether or not WeatherWar101 is Scott Stevens, but I haven't dug into it very deeply other than to note there doesn't seem to be any connection between or promotion of each others sites/channels and the email addresses are different, albeit similar. Unless Scott Stevens has an alter ego that does not like to hear himself talk...
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    You might be right. This person is likely not Scott Stevens, now that I've looked further. Since they had virtually the same name, and I can't view videos at this time, I haven't had a chance to see how he presents.

    The font being used looks familiar though, and leads me to suspect another old player I've seen before. I'll look into that possibility.
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    WW101 has some [odd ideas], like "heterodyning" and "super heated water vapor".

    His first "heterodyning" video in October was actually an impressive outflow boundary that originated from the collapse of a storm in NW South Dakota which fanned out into an impressive looking bore, not some nexrad creation. The pressure changes in Lincoln, Rapid City and Goodland in sync with the waves passage provide decent evidence for this.

    On the super heated water vapor front, he has no concept of the scale of energy needed to evaporate the volumes of water needed, the lack of a water supply for the volumes needed or the fact that he is witnessing condensation on satellite imagery, not water vapor creation.
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    Has anyone ever successfully posted an argument on any of WW101's videos? Seems most comments are only from the [people] who follow him.
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    Giday I've been trying to find what is this picture and where is came from as Harrp mob are claiming it to be evidence and related to the last US blizzard
    I worked it though google images and seems to have stemmed from Beforethenews sites

    Its been posted up on FB pages.

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    Does this thread help? Haven't read it all (and links) yet


    And there's this other thread regarding Kenin Martin and his endeavours
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    yes thanks by crikey the NQR rabbit hole shenanigan goes way down deep.
    As the various kooky factions start to in fight over ideology its , truly amazin wackystuff??
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