1. Jazzy

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    Glad you wrote that. What's the plural of "theorist", again?

    Both. You've contributed a tad to both, as yet. But it's a voluntary calling.

    Same to you. Remember plurals never involve an apostrophe*. Ever. I do wish everyone else here could remember that too. :)

    * It's the possessive construction. Unfortunately this convention is immediately broken by the possessive of "it", which is written (illogically**) as "its". Hence confusion…

    ** Maybe not so illogically, because usage of "it's" for "it is" has forced the anomaly. It's a working language… (returns to anal introspection, and time for this:

    ). Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't have shot myself over "ignorami", which has been a personal joke for 59 years. Ignoramus, ignoratis, ignorant. This is a true statement. In Latin.

    Oh, meaning at the time: "We are unaware, you are unaware, they are unaware", non-perjoratively. Where's my hat?
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  2. David Francis

    David Francis New Member

    Well said Jazzy. :)

    Serves me right for posting at 5:30 in the morning. ;)

    Nice video by the way. Where is that from? I actually LOL'd.
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  3. Jazzy

    Jazzy Closed Account

    The trail lies before you. Follow the signs. Watch it on YT? Yes. List appears via Google. The rest, future history.
  4. Efftup

    Efftup Senior Member

    Interesting how many people seem to be perfectly happy to carry on spreading disinfo, not caring if something is the truth or not, while simultaneously calling THIS site a disinfo site.

    Either there is proof he said it or there isn't.
    If there isn't, stop promoting it as if he did. the fact there is no proof he said it means it is MUCH MORE LIKELY that he never said, rather than that he did say it, but some evil overlords somehow went round expunging all reference to it in people's books they own at home or brainwiping all who heard it in person.
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  5. David Francis

    David Francis New Member

    I'm watching them now. Hilarious bits. Thanks for sharing!
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  6. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    Really this is just another mutual interest forum, like the thousands of others out there devoted to cooking or cats or gardening.
    It's just interesting, you get to look at weird things - it's a continuation of an earlier interest in the paranormal and conspiratorial, with a better arsenal of critical thinking skills I lacked then.
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  7. Marissa

    Marissa New Member

    Don't you think the illuminati would want us to believe Kennedy never said this. He was assassinated because he stood up to the evil men behind the curtain and their plans for the new world order.
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  8. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    That's speculation. Unless you have evidence to suggest that he said it and it was somehow erased from the record, then that's not a valid argument here.
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  9. Santa's sidekick

    Santa's sidekick Active Member

    Hi, Marissa.

    Whether or not the Illuminati would want us to believe the quote cannot change the fact that there is no evidence for it.

    The scenario is directly analogous to the following:

    Imagine I am convinced that leprechauns mismatch my socks every night as I sleep. Then someone tells me, 'You know, Winston Churchill said leprechauns were doing the same to him!' I then go online but cannot find any indication that he in fact ever said or wrote anything of the sort.

    Now: should I be convinced that the quote is accurate _because_ those pesky leprechauns would have buried it if they could?

    (A theory/claim that can only survive by explaining why there is no evidence _still has no evidence_!)
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  10. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    And those who believe the illuminati want us to believe Kennedy never said this would want us to believe that the lack of evidence he said this is due to the illuminati removing it from all recorded history.
    So we're back full circle to the original fact that there is no evidence he ever said this.
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  11. sirloin

    sirloin New Member

    Topic started off with; "The quote does not exist in any book indexed by Google, or Amazon"... aah .. the reliable sources.. NOT .. biggest joke site ever,,, have a good one
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  12. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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  13. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    As if Kennedy wasn't one of those men "behind the curtain." You think he was standing up against the system? He was part of it.
    This is what really annoys me about the JFK assassination conspiracy theories: the Kennedy hero worship that goes along with them. None of it could be any further from what the Kennedys actually were. JFK started the escalation of the Vietnam War and Bobby authorized the FBI to spy on Martin Luther King.

    And the quote is fake. Deal with it.
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  14. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    Then find a book that does contain that quote. Photograph the whole page to show the complete quote in context. Post the picture here with full details of the book - Title / author / publisher / ISBN number / year of publication / edition number etc. Then someone here will track down the book and verify your claims, and if you have provided the correct quote in context the admins here will willingly change 'debunked' to 'confirmed'.

    I await your proof.... but I will not be holding my breath.
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  15. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

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  16. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

  17. Santa's sidekick

    Santa's sidekick Active Member

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  18. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    sexy. i like the "alpha" touch.
  19. Erica

    Erica New Member

    I came across a documentary Megiddo I: The March to Armageddon (2004) by Christian J. Pinto.
    Here is a screenshot showing the quotation with source:

    The video can be found here.

    The original source is quoted to be:
    Wealth for All
    R. E. McMaster

    This reference was posted earlier:

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  20. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    But the "Wealth for all" book does not actually contain that quote, it contains the earlier Columbia quote, which is also fake.
  21. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Since it seems fairly certain that the Columbia/foment quote is the origin of the "enslave" quote, I've updated the OP to reflect this.
  22. Erica

    Erica New Member

    Given Kennedy's famous secret society speech, there's a strong possibility that he did make the quote on the plot to enslave every man. Although this may not have been released in the media.

    As MB said "it's definitely not just an Internet rumor".
  23. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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  24. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    One of the biggest dangers in reading historical quotes is interpreting them through modern eyes.

    Take Winston Churchills famous 1920 quote
    “From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played a definitely recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century, and now at last this band of extra- ordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”
    Anyone with a very basic knowledge of history and the world political situation at the time will see immediately that he was referring to the rise of Bolshevism, socialism, trade unionism and the establishment of the Soviet Union. But viewed through modern eyes who are either ignorant of the historical context, or worse are aware of the context and chose to ignore it, then this quote can be used to back up all kinds of modern conspiracy.

    ALWAYS check the history and the historical context of a quote before claiming it refers to any modern context, theory or situation.
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