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    The claimed quote is:

    It's often accompanied with this image (which I've annotated in yellow). Note the misspelling of "noble" as "nolbe" (this was fixed in later versions of the image)


    The first step in debunking a quote is to find the original source. In this case the debunking is easy, because there is no original source.

    Kennedy never said that. It's a made-up quote.

    The quote does not exist in any book indexed by Google, or Amazon. Zero results. Compare that with the "Monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" quote, which gets over 1,520 results in Google books. This means the "quote" is so new that it's not even got into any conspiracy books yet. And not only is there no record of him having said it, there's no record of anyone even claiming he said it.

    In fact the "enslave" quote appears to be a relative modern corruption of an earlier fake JFK quote that cropped up in the 1980s.

    Sometimes with slightly different wording:

    This quote has an older provenance, with mentions in books dating back to 1982 , but there's no record before 1982, and nothing at all in official or academic records, or from newspapers at that time, or any personal accounts or recordings. Not only that, bur there is no record at all of Kennedy visiting Columbia University on any day in November.

    The earliest mention seems to be in the 1982 book "Wealth for All: Religion, Politics and War" by R.E. McMaster. It's a typical far-right christian popular economics screed.

    There's more investigation of this on the JFK Wikiquote page:
    And there's an eyewitness account of his appearance (on the same page as the above)
    And the official JFK Library also debunks the quote:
    And if we look at the newer "enslave"quote, seven days before his Nov 22 1963 assassination would be November 15th, 1963. On Nov 14th JFK gave a news conference: where he said nothing at all like that quote. That news conference is sometimes attributed to Nov 15th, as it appeared in the NYT the following day. Actually on Nov 15th, JFK gave two speeches.

    The first was to the AFL-CIO labor organization, and was a generally upbeat assessment of American industry.

    The second was the to Catholic Youth Organization, and is slightly closer in tone, but still nothing like what is claimed. The following is an actual quote from JFK in that speech, and is the only thing of record that he said that day that remotely resembles the claimed quote:

    The invented quote could possibly be an extreme corruption of this, but is more likely a paraphrasing of elements of the April 27th 1961 "conspiracy" speech that led to other mis-quotes:

    I did a little digging to try to find some possible origins of the "enslave", and the earliest usages:

    Earliest full mention on Usenet: 4/10/2004

    This has a different initial wording from the original. It's simply a quote in the signature of Dick Eastman, and could conceivably be the origin. I emailed Dick Eastman, but he did not remember where he heard the quote. Perhaps he wrote down someone else's paraphrasing of the "Monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" quote. One can imagine a preacher coming up with this version when preaching a sermon on the lessons JFK left us. But we'll probably never know where it really came from.

    There are a couple of earlier posts on Usenet that sound somewhat similar.

    Usenet post by Virgil Gray, 11/25/2001

    alt.conspiracy post 1/18/1996

    There is also some discussion on Snopes, and on Reddit.
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    One possible quote that might conceivably have been corrupted into this over the years: From a campaign speech in 1960:


    And of course he's referring to communism. The word "enslaved" comes up several time in his speeches. Each time it is referring to communism, and 90% of the time he's referring to the enslavement of European or other countries, not the US.

    To search his speeches, use this:


    Use Option 1, type "enslave" in the first box, and select JFK from the president list. Make sure you click the "Submit" button in the Option 1 box (there are two below it, that will not work).

    He uses the word "conspiracy" six times in speeches, each one referring to communism, and one time in an executive order regarding antitrust legislation.
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    The words "noble office" to refer to the presidency have ONLY been used by one president, George H.W. Bush in 1990 in a speech about hate crimes:

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    It seems like this fake quote itself has become corrupted, and spawned another fake quote:


    This particular corruption actually gets an earlier mention on Usenet: used as a signature, April 15 2001. So maybe this is the original fake quote?

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    I guess it could be a hoax but it could be a private comment made to someone who later cited it in a way outside of press conferences and speeches. I have read books that go into how he joked around saying this and that about "If someone wanted to get you..." And RFK privately confided in saying that a plot murdered his brother and that he asked LBJ directly if he killed JFK. Private comments can be made and persist without being documented in the usual way. Just as Jackie has said, when asked to change her clothes: "I want them to see what they've done" and "He tried to be a good man but they've made him into a great one." (Paraphrasing) Private. Not at a press conference or speech.

    It also relates to the topic of the documented quote cited above/near top.

    It also happens to be true, whoever said it. Debt usury by a central bank (Fed) is slavery, which is becoming more and more apparent as it pushes the envelope.
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    Even if it were a private quote, it has NEVER been reported by anyone. So where did it come from? Nobody even claims to have heard it.
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    My god,

    You need to go back to school, "NOBLE" is spelt correctly... Why can't americans spell?

    NOBEL as you think it should be spelt, is not even a word but a persons surname ie: Alfred Bernhard Nobel, the scientist/inventor who instituted the Nobel Prizes using his enormous fortunes.

    How can you even begin debunking, if you can't even get the basics right!

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    Tsk tsk, I fear you may have overstepped my politeness policy there. But I'll leave your post alone, as it's a little amusing that in your indignation you did not notice that the misspelling I was referring to was in the above image where they misspelled "noble" as "nolbe"

    Attacking spelling is a rather poor counter-argument. I only called it out here because it's a quote, and quotes should be spelt correctly.

    And, as is often revealed by my own idiosyncratic spelling, I'm British by birth and American by naturalization.
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    If I may, it is so amusing to read something like this. I totally understand both sides here, of you two going at it over this. But, it is just funny as hell that you try to use big, fancy, and I guess more meaningful words to you guys, to do it.
    Peace always...
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    There is a real issue about communication there Tater. I try to avoid long words for clarity, but sometimes they have a place. Sometimes I just use them for the lulz.
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    Major Ashley-Pitt: In our experience, Americans are uncouth misfits who should be run out of their own barbaric country.
    Matthew Quigley: Well, Lieutenant...
    Major Ashley-Pitt: Major.
    Matthew Quigley: Major. We already run the misfits outta our country. We sent 'em back to England.
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    Indeed - uncouth misfits need training to become uncouth fits - and the English are good at it - just look at the royalty and Aristocracy.
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    Thanks. There are lots of references to it on various internet pages. That does not change the fact that it's fake.
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    Just because the quote is not directly available does not mean it was not said. Sorry, but if you think that everything recorded within Presidential conversations is open to the public, you are sadly and irresponsibly mistaken. Just like you can't believe EVERYTHING you read on the Internet, you cannot discount something just because it is not found on said Internet.
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    But the only source of this quote is the internet, about eight years ago. Before that it did not exist ANYWHERE.

    Why would you give credence to some quote that suddenly cropped up on the internet? With zero sources?

    Nobody claims to have heard this. Nobody exists who even suggests they think they heard someone say they heard it. It simply appeared on the internet one day.

    Of course he might have said it. But he might also have said "I am an alien from Mars". There's the exact same amount of evidence for that too.
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    You use the internet to prove that there is no existence of a quote before the internet? I'm not saying you are wrong, but that's a logic FAIL
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    Good work! I saw this quote and immediately looked it up to see if it was legit. I do like the speech JFK gave where he talks about the communist conspiracy. In my research, that communist conspiracy is the very same one we are facing today through the power of central banksters. So saying he's talking about communism changes nothing in my mind as central banks do exactly what communist governments do -- 'central planning', and knowing in advance what the plan is, they and their buddies (cronies) get to profit massively. The communist conspiracy is, and has been, everywhere. For a long time.
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    Google books and Amazon have scanned searchable copies of all the books. Sure, they could all be heavily censored, but the real books still exist - don't you think someone would have noticed?

    If it were in some pre-Internet source then there would be a reference to it.
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    Seriously who cares....the thing that matters is that its true, if a fake jfk quote opens peoples eyes to this then keep spreading the fake quote...im sure jfk himself would approve this message.
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    The fact that it's a fake quote is a very strong indication that JFK never held this opinion. He never said anything even remotely like this. Even in other speeches where he was supposedly talking about a vast conspiracy, he was just talking about the vast communist conspiracy.

    Who cares about the truth? Not conspiracy theorists apparently, as they have no problem basing their propaganda on lies if it fits their world view.

    Facts are important. He never said it. There's no indication he ever thought it. There's no indication it's true.
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    Did he ever say communist? Or are you puttig words in his mouth just like this quote? Im not a jfk historian but ive heard his conspiracy speech and i never heard him say the word communist, secondly, the same group of people that led the communist movement are the same people who now control this country..the elitist bankers ofthis world. In my "world view" there is no such thing as conspiracy theories, its truth or lies. Only because the govt denies something or doesnt tell u something doesnt mean its not true. Considering their track record of Being caught in a Few huge lies i dont think they deserve the benefit of the doubt. The only thing that is a lie in that quote is who said it, the words of that quote is truth. Considering the truth ofthat quote is infinetly more important then who actually said it, i could careless what methods are used to spread that message. The fact of the matter is humanity has been enslaved for 90% of human history, the group of people our founders beat in 1776 took the country back in 1913 when they created the federal reserve bank.
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    Thanks for your research. I came across the image in a video and right off it looked questionable. Whole video is questionable but I like asking questions just with a very skeptical POV. I'm guessing a fair number of folks who watched the video missed that fake quote along with a few others. Sigh...
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    No matter whether Kennedy said this or not, we just need to look around at what is happening to us today, and we should realize that whoever said this, was right!
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    Also hello how many S's in "assissination"

    Actually I'm pretty sure this was said by President Benjamin Franklin, shortly before his assassination.
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    Spelt is something you eat............the correct word is SPELLED
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    I don't get what the argument's about. JFK gave a vocal speech that's still around today, that proves enough, and does let you know his opinions on the matter. New World Order, I would say, is indeed a form of communism, just on a world scale, so if he's talking about communism, there's not much difference. He can call it what he wants, it's not like he was speaking clearly, but there were key words that hint strongly enough on the matter at hand. He also mentions secrets and secret societies in his speech. He mentions that there is grave danger, he mentions things like covering ups etc won't be allowed once he's the president. He talks about the "tightly nit, concealed system". The guy was assassinated. A guy basically everyone loved, and had no reason to dislike, gave a speech like that and got assassinated. I think it speaks for itself. Who knows if this quote is true. It could be a lie. It could very well be true. If you think it don't exist just cuz you can't find it on a google search engine you're literally only scratching the surface. The surface web is controlled and designed to control what you see and don't see. Hackers know this. I know this. When you learn to crack deeper levels of the net like the deep web, then the dark net, you'd be surprised what your yahoo and bing search engines won't, not DON'T, WON'T, show you. Like I said, the quote could be a lie. I've never heard of it til now, but that speech is enough for me that something's seriously wrong, and that he IS mentioning the US, and everywhere else possibly in the speech.
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  34. Sounds to me like you are boring ol' Mick here with your insistency that it's true, and that even if it isn't true it's okay; it's the message that counts, right? But for anyone endeavoring to get to the bottom of the truth, which presumably you are, in albeit a roundabout way, you really need to have a better measure for truth. Resist the urge to make questionable arguments to support your version of the truth, and instead empty your mind in order to discover it.
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    100% SURE ol mick is a government troll, (hahahahaha) as everything in that quote is true, even cnbc admitted on TV we are controlled by the baks recently. probably trying to get some credability as CNN just seen it's audience drop 50% lately, not good for them :/
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    Nice to see someone willing to admit that they do not care whether the quote is true or not.

    Usually disinfo agents are not so honest.
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    Usually disinfo agents follow a comment that was 100% true and hits the very fabric of the American conscious, much like the "not-so-covered-by-the-media" occupy protests around the world. Question this fellow readers: AM I A DISINFO AGENT? If you know the answer to this question then undoubtedly you know that this is a government propaganda website.

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    I see that your trying to inject that same conspiracy. DAMNIT people are ignorant. The ONLY reason this would be synonymous to anything in the 1960s is that of the Communist propaganda planted into left wing news papers suggesting that we took part in an assassination plot against Charles de Gaulle in 1961. That was a complete Communist propaganda swindle that is very much the same as we are facing now. Its total brainwashing by the leftists and the hatemongers of America and the enemy. Hell, they even wanna brainwash our children with their idea of education reform. As if were the Nazis of the world.
    Get a GRIP!

    Guys.. Its hate mongers, like this guy, that posted this image.
    Period. And im glad you all are present in helping filter this bullshit out.
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    ^^^^^ Agreed!
  40. Mick West

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    So you agree it's okay to lie and misinterpret things to further your cause?
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