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    It's actually from a 2007 photo of contrails left during an exercise of the Chinese air force practicing high altitude dogfights between F-10 and SU-27 fighters.

    http://war.163.com/07/1225/08/40I0FABE00011MTO.html (http://archive.is/ckekT)

    Similar contrails were observed during dogfights in WWII:


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  2. Mick.
    Have a lttle heart.
    We may be into Jan.
    But there is stil that Christmas spirit and stuff.

    Ya mean those aren't trails from Santa's sled on X-Mas eve??
  3. Jay Reynolds

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    Dane Wigington is using a version of the picture in the original posting as propaganda during his talks:

    The image being used:

    The Claim:

    I took a screen shot from his video:

    A google reverse image search yielded this Metabunk thread.

    Dane has been notified:

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