1. 757phixer

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    Altus AFB is near Lawton/Fort Sill. It has a 13,000 foot runway. Not debunking the debunk, just sayin...
  2. Mick West

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    About 50 miles away. But you'd think he would have said Altus if that's what he meant.
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  3. Svartbjørn

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    Aside from Gunderson's page.. what are your sources for this particular claim?
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  4. Karl Valentin

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    Hello guys,

    I just stumbled over this site and this thread and I have a question or maybe a proposition to solve the runway "mystery" - sort of...
    I may be terribly wrong and my memory might play tricks on me but I think I´ve read/seen about using SRBs for tankers etc. to shorten the runway length...I´ve done a quick search but did not come up with something...

    ah found it...RATO - rocket assisted take off (might be referred to as JATO aswell)

    but I have no idea if that can be applied to a KC 135, I´m sure the C-130 has this and the old B 47 had this option too, so I don´t see why a KC 135 would not be able to get a boost

    here you go, around 0:40 it nicely shows how much quicker the take off can be done using rockets

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  5. M Bornong

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    And, just how many of these rocket assisted take-offs have been done in relation to the photos we have seen?
  6. Hevach

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    They used to be more common for military planes after WWII, but not so much anymore, since modern jets have a much better thrust:weight ratio. A lot of modern air forces still have systems for it, and a whole host of military planes are capable of it (at least in theory). The US air force also tested (edit: actually seen in the video in a couple variations) a rocket assisted landing unit for the C-130 that would pair with JATO to let a plane land and take off within the length of a single runway.

    Now, like I said, a host of military planes are at least in theory capable of JATO. As far as I can find, however, the KC-135 is NOT among that host. This makes a lot of sense, since JATO is usually used for situations that a craft meant for the kind of missions the KC-135 flies really shouldn't be placed in. Thanks to its range*, there's no reason it should need to take off from a short runway or one under threat of enemy fire, and it's not suitable for any kind of rapid extraction. And on the other side of it, because of its vulnerability and vital importance for other planes to complete their missions, there's every reason it *shouldn't*.

    *-also due to the range, if the plane were hypothetically used for atmospheric spraying, there is still never a valid reason to fly it from an improper runway. It can reach pretty much anywhere from pretty much anywhere else.

    JATO is also dangerous, even in the best conditions there's an elevated risk that a rocket assisted takeoff will end in fiery destruction, and the KC-135 is perhaps the last plane in the world that you want to put in the same sentence as "fiery destruction."
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  7. KC-10FE

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    I would not want those things attached to my aircraft loaded with 340,000 pounds of jet fuel.
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  8. Whitebeard

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    Dunno if this is useful, but here is a diagram of the tank layout for the KC-135

    The graphic is from here http://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/9001/do-tanker-aircraft-distribute-their-own-fuel

    And the thread is worth a read through cos it explains the inner workings and take off weights and runs for the K-135 in a way even this old hippy can understand!

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  9. WeedWhacker

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    Yes...good research, you are correct.

    'JATO' = "Jet Assisted Take-Off"
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