1. Mick West

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    Conpiracy theorists claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was faked, and that the victims do not appear in the Social Security Death Index:


    The problem with this theory is that if you try to repeat it, then the victims all show up. You can try it yourself here:


    Just put in a name, and the year 2012, and you'll get the result.


    And rather oddly, the originator of this story also got these results, and yet for some reason they claimed they were fake.

    So where did they get their actual non-results? They use the text "The originating website uses a purchased copy of the Social Security Death Master File, updated through 1 January 2014, which is public information." That makes it look like they purchased the $1800 file themselves, but they didn't. They used a very non-professional looking site called "sortedbyname.com"


    Which you navigate manually by clicking on the letters of a person's name - this is about as far from a search of the original SSDMF as you can get, but you eventually get to a page like this:

    And as was noted, there's no 2012 death on that page, even though one of the victims (Dawn Hochsprung, the school principal) should show up there. This is taken as proof that that victim is not in the database.

    In fact, it seems more like evidence that the database is only complete up to 2011. If you look on that page, there are 13 deaths in 2011, 3 in 2010, 5 in 2009, 7 in 2008, etc. But none in 2012. And none in 2012 on any of the other pages either.

    This can be verified by a Google search comparing dec 2011 results with dec 2012

    40,400 vs. 3,790 - less than 10%. Clearly this is a very incomplete database.

    So basically all the evidence here is that they could not find the victims on one particular site, which was not up to date, but they are listed on more up-to-date sites.

    But the actual proof that this theory is wrong comes from a REAL manual examination of the death master file. You can actually download a May 2013 version of the database from:

    There are three very large .zip files, Dawn Hochsprung is listed in the first one, on line 4,769,329 with a date of death 12-14-2012.


    These are the raw files that sites like ancestry.com and even sortedbyname.com use to generate their databases.

    In fact, the raw copy of the death master file actually comes from ssdmf.info, which is a sister site of sortedbyname.com, both sites (and the raw file) being on the same server:
    PING sortedbyname.com (
    PING ssdmf.info (
    This is the original source, and this story is debunked.
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  2. Meg

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    MicK West- I saw your post about debunking Sandyhook Hoax by searching the death record for Dawn Hochsprungfound her, and essentially stated that settled it. Well, I did the same on several lists and cannot find Emilie Parker, birth or death. If you recall, this is the child who's father asked before an interview, "Should I read off the card?" He was then claimed to be an actor. Thoughts?
  3. Tobes

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    Emilie Parker is dead. Her father is not an actor.
    That's that.
    I'm not going to say anything else because it would violate the politeness policy.
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  4. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    she's there. you're spelling her name wrong. Emilie. http://www.ssdi-search.com/

    I should add- states listed for names are BIRTH states. if that's what is confusing you.
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  5. Pete Tar

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    Mick's not here for a few days.
    Totally insubstantial to be basing any speculation on at all.
  6. NoParty

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    It's not too late to do a 180 on this…to accept that the horrible something that happened to this family, obviously did happen,
    and refuse to make things even worse by implying that those tragically victimized are pulling some sort of mythical scam.

    If you do the decent thing, you can feel better about yourself, and sleep well at night. Choice is yours...
  7. Mick West

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    I'm here, just less so.

    Anyway question seems to have been answered above.
  8. Meg

    Meg New Member

    I realized I spelled it wrong, and corrected my search. I could not find her on the DOB website Mick used or on ancestry.com. There are two Emilie Parker, one aged 8, one aged 80; neither death in December. I also search some of the children, and while they do appear with the correct death date, there is no birth date or state information. I find this confusing.
  9. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    I got those 2 when I accidentally put in Emily (or maybe Amelia when Emily didn't come up). it helps if you put in a date range. I never tried Micks link. @MikeC had a good link with moe info but I cant find the thread it was in.
  10. Belfrey

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    Worked for me.
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