1. Hama Neggs

    Hama Neggs Senior Member

    No one says there are not trails in the sky or that they don't contribute to cloud cover. That's not the argument. The argument is over the contents of the trails. I have seen no reason to believe that the contents of the trails is anything other than the contents of ordinary contrails.

    Why don't you do some reading here:


    It many answer many questions for you before you even ask.
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  2. Trailblazer

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    If you look around this site you will see that the members here spend a great deal of time looking at the sky and noticing what goes on up there. The difference is that we also take the time to find out what causes those effects.

    I find it quite ironic that the only people who deny what we all see, namely that contrails increase cloud cover, are chemtrail theorists!
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  3. Keith Beachy

    Keith Beachy Active Member

    The photo file attached to your post shows water vapor forming clouds from aircraft, contrails, not chemtrails. Evidence is required to say there is spraying going on.

    ... , shame on you for requiring evidence, and rules for presenting it. How is bunk able to survive.

    The most important part of making claims, having the evidence to support and prove.
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  4. MikeG

    MikeG Senior Member

    I wanted to respond to a few of your points.

    You seem concerned about the use of the word “fringe” to define chemtrail believers. I am attaching a 2013 Public Policy Polling document. Take a look at question #17. According to the poll, 5% of respondents believed in chemtrails. We could debate whether or not 5% is the “fringe” or not, but it seems pretty close to me.
    PPP Poll.

    Speaking for myself, I really have to disagree with the characterization of comments challenging Rosalind Peterson as “bullying.” I like this website because it has a politeness policy which makes it far and away better than most of the discussions that I see online.

    I don’t think anyone here speaks from the fear of “self-empowered people who educate themselves and form their own opinions about what is important.” I think that you are missing the point.

    We look at the evidence. Look at the chemtrail thread.

    There are literally thousands of discussions guided by the facts. If anything is going to get called out, it will be bad facts.

    So, please keep that in mind as you continue to engage people who may agree or disagree with your opinions, well-informed or not.

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  5. Hevach

    Hevach Senior Member

    5% puts it way below Apollo hoax, 9/11 truth, false flags, Kennedy assassination, Birthers, Bigfoot, Roswell, mind control, etc. More than twice as many believed Obama was the Antichrist and heralded the end of days.

    Chemtrails are on the same tier as lizard people at 4%.

    Everything on that poll except climate change deniers are lower than many hallmarks of the alt-right like outright white supremacy. The political fringes on both sides are twice as large as most theories on that poll, and most of those are 2-3 times as big as chemtrails.

    It's really hard to not call that fringe. Fringe does not mean extreme, dangerous, or violent. It means outlier. A statistic so far removed from the data set yet of such little weight that it's inclusion does nothing except make the math harder.
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  6. Ross Marsden

    Ross Marsden Senior Member

    But followers are increasing "exponentially". It's about to reach "critical mass". Nearly. Any time now.
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