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    For some reason i've seen versions of this sentiment being spread lately.

    There were two 'photograph' situations. But since Cario is the only state police officer, I'll start with him

    from Cario's statement doc. #00026724 (attached) Bold and underline mine
    Kullgren (Newtown PD) also took photos. Kullgren was with Chief Kehoe and the "back of the school" team, who entered through the back of the school and were searching the back halls of the school, while Cario (EMT), Dragon (EMT) and Chapman were tending to victims in the front area of school.

    Kullgren's statement #--1.pdf (attached) bold and underline mine.
    So Kullgren also checked for signs of life before Paramedics entered the room.

    I think "prior to moving" is enough of a debunk, as it does not indicate 'prior to checking vital signs' or 'prior to treating'.

    But I've attached supporting documents showing the timeline of events, Cario, Dragon and Chapman checking for signs of life and bringing all victims who were still alive out to the ambulances at the firestation BEFORE the "paramedics" were allowed into the building.

    The 3 paramedics were from Danbury Hospital: Cassevechia, Reed and Meehan. Cassvechia reports he arrived approx 10 am.
    Dashcam footage transcribed in Book4 #184096 confirms Cario arriving back at school after ambulance drop offs at 10:06:02. at which time (his statement) he returned into the school without the Paramedics as the building was not yet secure (Carios statement). He checked for vitals in Room 10, room 8 and cleared room 12 children from the building. It was only after that point the Danbury Paramedics were allowed into the building. (after 10:15am at least)

    Links to all Official Reports and statements https://www.metabunk.org/searchable-state-police-report-and-official-reports-press-releases.t3697/

    edit: to add Blumenthals statement.

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    extra documentation:
    *this is by no means is meant to indicate these are the only Officers who assessed the victims prior to 'photos' or tactical paramedics entering the scene.


    Officer Patrick Dragon (EMT)
    https://www.elicense.ct.gov/Lookup/PrintLicenseDetails.aspx?cred=859893&contact=1052718 (archive: https://archive.is/Iaolr)

    Officer William Chapman (EMR)
    https://www.elicense.ct.gov/Lookup/PrintLicenseDetails.aspx?cred=825767&contact=1093661 (archive: https://archive.is/mxsH8)

    Officer William Blumenthal (Registered nurse)
    https://www.elicense.ct.gov/Lookup/PrintLicenseDetails.aspx?cred=652949&contact=1026513 (archive: https://archive.is/qOO5r)